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Being the best man in any wedding is a great honour – and so is the task that comes along with it: writing the best man speech. More popularly referred to as the toast, the best man speech is traditionally a speech that acknowledges the noteworthy traits of the groom. These days, however, best man speeches all over the world have become less limited and now usually include good things to say about the bride as well. This is the main idea that you have to work with if you have been called to be the best man and give the best man speech.

In order to come up with not just a passable but a truly memorable best man speech, make sure to set aside more than enough time to fully prepare for your moment. People at the wedding reception will be listening to you – and they will talk about your speech long after the wedding is over. You want to ensure that they’ll be giving wonderful comments, not embarrassing feedback. Thus, devote the necessary time you think you need in preparing your best man speech so you can come up with a well-written one.

Some best men make the mistake of going on and on in their speeches. You want to avoid this since you could end up boring the guests and, more importantly, the couple. On the other hand, you want to make your moment count, so don’t just stand up quickly and sit down right back again. Although short speeches are always preferred over long ones, keep in mind that your best man speech must be of a length that contains everything you wish to say and that shows you actually put a generous share of thought and effort into writing it.

Here comes the generally hard part: finally picking up the pen to draft your introduction. As with any other speeches, the opening of a best man speech is the part that needs thorough thinking the most. You want to make an impact as soon as you open your mouth – you want to call everyone’s attention to what you have to say. However, this doesn’t give you the excuse to be loud, inconsiderate, outrageous, or downright stupid. Thus, avoid beginning your speech with a big, fat joke or a rude and obscene comment. Instead, make a name for yourself by starting out slowly but surely – with modesty and respect. You are allowed to make jokes, of course, but save those for later and, if you can help it, crack private ones to make your best man speech suit the couple.

Once you know what to say at the beginning, you won’t have difficulty in going on. Highlight special events in the couple’s life together that you have been a part of, such as the first time they met or the first time they had a huge fight and managed to kiss and make up. You can make things even more personal by describing how they are with each other – the sparkle in their eyes, the blush in their cheeks, and so on. If there’s nothing spectacular to recall, don’t risk sounding insincere and just stick with what you know about the couple. Wrap up your best man speech by wishing the couple all the best in their married life.

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