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Best Man Speech - How to make it memorable

Best Man Wedding Speeches are one of the main attraction in a wedding reception

A best man speech is one of the major attractions of any wedding reception. Customarily, the best man is assigned the daunting task of preparing and delivering a speech at the wedding reception, just prior to the champagne toast. Since not everyone is comfortable speaking in front of large groups, this responsibility can be nerve-racking for some. Whatever you do, withhold the temptation to assist the best man in this privileged moment; he or she will be fine.

To start out your best man speech, raise your glass to all who are there. The champagne toast may be the perfect time to thank your groomsmen with the presentation of their groomsmen gifts, and sharing your gratitude in front of everyone will only make your groomsmen gift more special. If you do choose to honor your groomsmen with their gifts at toasting time, remember to toast your guests as well for supporting you and sharing in your special day.

Experience has shown that best man wedding speeches which are well-received are those which come straight from the heart. If you find you have nothing good to say about the groom, you shouldn’t be the best man and it would have been better to have graciously rejected the offer. If it’s too late and you need a fast speech by tomorrow, look into your heart and find something about the groom that can be construed as a good point. Dwell on it and you’ll be surprised at how much more likeable the groom can become. Think of examples that support this positive side of the groom and, before you know it, your speech has been written.

Knowing what is appropriate to say, regarding former girlfriends and past examples, really depends on the groom, his family, and his future in-laws. This is why it is important to know your audience. Be polite and circumspect. If you want to be funny, use ‘safe’ humor. Reserve off-color jokes for another time because you never know who you might offend. If all else fails, write a speech and read it to the groom’s mother. If she approves, you should be in good shape. Not a bad idea to make your wedding speech decent, huh ?

Some people really know how to ramble while others can talk for hours and it seems like minutes. If what you have prepared is truly meaningful and not redundant, your toast should include what you believe is necessary to give the groom a good rap. Unless the reception hall has a very limited timeframe reserved for your party, don’t worry about the time. And, if you can memorize some of it, your audience will be more likely to listen and enjoy your words. Again, the most important thing is that it comes from your heart. What good would a best man speech be if it wasn’t ?

By the way, traditionally groom speech is followed by the best man's wedding speech. So, as the best man you should keep that in mind and get yourself mentally prepared while the groom is delivering his speech. Generally there's not much scope for humors in a groom speech and people expect a good entertaining speech from the best man. So, better prepare for your best man speech if you wish to live up to everybody's expectations.

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