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Father of the Bride Soundtrack

The movie Father of The Bride was first released in 1991. Later a sequel to the movie Father of The Bride II was made. It is a pleasant, touching family comedy. Music was a great asset of the movie. You could listen to some of the most wonderful scores from the Father of the Bride Soundtrack.

If you like fairytale-sounding orchestral music, you must not pass this true Alan Silvestri classic. This soundtrack made me notice back in 1991 that Silvestri is indeed a musical chameleon – at his best he is a magician creating pure orchestral magic.

Silvestri’s “Main Title” music soars higher than any movie theme before or since; the fanfare is reminiscent of the famous wedding march by Wagner, but it quickly shifts into the enchanting Silvestri original, “Annie’s Theme.” Throughout the score this theme works as its warm soul.

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I have combined various audio files from the Father of The Bride Soundtrack to create this audio collage.

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