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Ten Speech Topics for Your Groom Speech

When it comes to writing and delivering groom speeches, there can be much involved, but to simplify things a little, here is a summary of the ten most important tips for writing a groom speech.

  1. Start with something funny to get everyone’s attention.
  2. Thank the audience for their support and thank specific people who have traveled a long way
  3. Thank everyone who has helped organize, plan, and coordinate your beautiful wedding
  4. Thank your parents-in-laws for raising your wife so wonderfully
  5. Thank your parents for raising you and for their support
  6. Thank the wedding party for being a part of the wedding and the bridesmaids and Maid of Honor for supporting your wife.
  7. Thank your best man for the impact he had on your life (possibly include a story)
  8. Thank your wife for making all of this possible
  9. Share memories of you and your wife, when you first met, first impressions, the engagement…
  10. Conclude with a memorable, sweet quote or saying.  This can be something you have written or something that is published, as long as it represents your love for your wife.

Your groom speech should include all ten of these topics because they are essential for all groom speeches.  As you can tell, the purpose of the groom speech is to thank everyone who has played a part in the wife’s life, in the groom’s life, and during the wedding.  Traditionally the groom will also present a gift to the parents and members of the wedding party during the speech as well.

Another thing I want to mention it about groom speeches is you don’t necessarily be too formal while giving your groom speech. Though a groom speech hardly gives you the scope to be as hilarious as the best man’s, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try and make it a bit humorous. You can rely on your own sense of humor or even take the help of some groom speech jokes to make your groom speech more interesting.