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Humorous Groom Speeches? Why Not?

While the vast majority of the typical wedding day experience is centered around the bride, the groom speech is a way for the groom to add a little of his own personality to the festivities. An optimal groom speech contains a good dose of humor and sentimentality and serves as a way for the groom to express his love for his bride as well as his appreciation for those who are in attendance. Although every groom speech is unique to the personality and experiences of the groom who is delivering it, there are some tips that a groom can follow to make sure his groom’s speech is well received.

Any individual with public speaking experience will tell you that humor is a good way to get the crowd interested in what a speaker is trying to say and keep the crowd involved throughout the duration of the speech. However, everyone has a different sense of humor, and not every joke plays well in front of a crowd of more than a hundred guests. Therefore, it is necessary to start off on the right foot to ensure that a groom speech is well-received by the audience. It is usually a good idea to begin the groom speech with a tasteful joke about something that someone else, such as the best man or maid of honor, has already spoken about in front of the audience. The grooms speech should also include a funny or sentimental anecdote about something that occurred while the bride and groom were dating that convinced the groom that the bride was the one. An individual looking for a humorous groom’s speech should also consider telling a funny story from his childhood that many in the audience would be familiar with.

Another humorous element that usually goes over well in groom speeches is the use of dry humor. Several groom speeches begin with a statement like, “When I thinking about what to say in this groom speech my mind kept coming back to how lucky my wife is to have found the perfect mate.” The use of this type of humor is effective in a groom’s wedding speech because it lets the audience know that the groom feels blessed to have found his bride while conveying that the groom has a good sense of humor. The use of such humor in a groom’s wedding speech also lets the bride know that the groom feels lucky while allowing the groom to avoid coming across as too sappy, which may be important to a groom who wishes to avoid teasing at the hands of his wedding party.

It’s not inappropriate if you want your groom speech to be humorous. The important thing to remember about delivering a funny grooms speech, like all other wedding speeches, is to make sure it is appropriate for the audience to whom it is delivered. The groom speech is usually being presented to a large crowd of friends and family who generally care about the couple and want to see them happy, but will not be familiar with the fact that the bride or groom may have a crude sense of humor or enjoy racy jokes. After all a groom speech is a groom speech and not a best man speech. A good rule of thumb to use is to consider the ages of the oldest and youngest people present and not to deliver a joke that would be offensive if heard by anyone in the crowd. For example, older individuals generally will not appreciate a joke in a groom speech that pokes fun at the bride or her family in a disrespectful or hurtful manner. Similarly, most individuals, especially those with children, will not appreciate the use of profanity or adults-only materials in a groom speech.

Many grooms see the groom’s speech as their opportunity to put their stamp on the wedding celebration, while others see the groom speech merely as a rite of passage that must be endured as part of the process. Regardless of one’s feelings about the wedding speeches given by the grooms, almost every groom tries to make the speech one that is humorous and entertaining for everyone in attendance. Making sure that the jokes are appropriate for the crowd in attendance, that nothing in the speech reveals personal or inappropriate details about the relationship, and that everyone in the crowd can understand the message that the groom is trying to convey can help the groom ensure that his groom speech is a success.

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