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Pippa Middleton is The Best Example of A Perfect Maid of Honor

Pippa Middleton, the Maid of HonorAs far as the subject of being a maid of honor goes, you could say Pippa Middleton was exceptional. She performed her duties so well the whole Internet and news media are talking about her. Did she really steal the show from her sister, the new Duchess of Cambridge? No, she performed her duties as they should be done and with elegance.

It couldn’t have been easy for Pippa to be in the spotlight at the wedding. Normally, she’s in the background making sure all the arrangements go as they were planned. Being a party planner herself, Pippa made it look easy being the maid of honor.

Although we have heard about Prince Harry’s best man speech and Prince Charles father of the groom speech, we haven’t heard if Pippa Middleton made a maid of honor speech. Did she give a toast to the royal couple? As far as maid of honor goes you could say Pippa was exceptional.

For the reception, the formal reception for Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, she worn a dress designed by Alice Temperley. It was sleeveless in emerald with silver shoes by Aruna Seth. She also carried a small clutch bag. Were her note cards in it for her maid of honor speech?

Pippa Middleton with her and the Royal FamilyAlthough not as famous as best man speeches, the maid of honor usually does give a speech, which is of course the maid of honor speech. There are no solid rules that say a maid of honor has to give a speech, however, it is becoming more popular today. When you accept the responsibilities as maid of honor remember you might have to give a speech at the reception.

The choice will be up to the bride and groom on whether they want you to give a speech or not. That shouldn’t stop you from making a toast to them sometime during the wedding reception.

Since most grooms require their best man to give a speech it would be rude not to include the maid of honor speech. Being the maid of honor is one of the most important roles in the bride’s party. If you want to give a toast and haven’t been asked to give a speech you could ask the toastmaster, which is usually the best man, to give you a few minutes to wish the newlywed the best. Sometime the DJ or the father of the bride will be the toastmaster. Just ask them to give you a few minutes, even if you’re not a public speaker, wishing the bride and groom well is part of your responsibilities as maid of honor.

Some wedding couples these days have both their best man and maid of honor serve as co-toastmasters. You would share the role of master of ceremonies, speeches, and toasts to the happy couple. Maybe the press could let us know if Pippa gave a maid of honor speech or a toast instead of talking about her derrière. Pippa Middleton’s maid of honor speech would be much more interesting than all the talk about how she might have outshined the bride (in my opinion she made sure that she doesn’t and that’s what made her so special as a maid of honor). If  your time is coming up to be maid of honor for your sister or best friend you can use Pippa Middleton as an example of how a maid of honor performs her duties.


What You Need To Remember While Writing A Maid of Honor Speech

Being a maid of honor, is exactly that, honorable. Regardless, if the bride is your sister, childhood friend, or just a friend who means the world to you. It can be a little intimidating, having to deliver a maid of honor speech in front of all that are present. Thus, writing the maid of honor speech, should be the easy part.

One of the most important things to consider while writing a maid of honor speech, should be, to take it seriously. Maid of honor speeches, are one of the most memorable events, that take place at a wedding ceremony. The bride bestowed this obligation on you, because you are someone who means a lot to her, and your maid of honor speech should bring her great joy. After all, you are the one she chose to be her maid of honor. Therefore, you should take advantage of this opportunity, and really showcase your emotion.

Another thing to keep in mind, is not to procrastinate. You definitely want to start writing your maid of honor speech early. Chances are you will end up writing it several times, before you get it the way you want it. It is also a good idea, to have some mutual friends, that will also be attending the wedding read your work, and get their idea on it. Having your maid of honor speech written early, will prevent indecipherable impressions and yawning faces when the time comes.

The majority of maid of honor speeches are innovative and personal. Try to cover all the bases while writing a maid of honor speech. Express your gratitude. Thank the bride and groom, along with their parents, for inviting everyone to be part of this joyous occasion. Share a personal memory you have shared with the bride. This will be sensitively important to everyone who is present. Offer some encouraging and moving words of advice to the bride and groom, and their future. Give them your best wishes for their long happy and prosperous future together. Conclude your maid of honor speech, by raising your glass high in the air, and gives best wishes with a toast to the bride and groom.

Once you are satisfied with the maid of honor speech you have written. Practice reading it out loud obsessively. This will up your comfort level on stage, and get rid of those butterflies.

Writing maid of honor speeches, should be the easiest thing you have to do. Just remember your close relationship with the bride, and make it memorable. Something both the bride and groom can look back on, and remember with a smile.

While delivering your maid of honor speech, you want to draw in the audience. Make them aware of why, you were chosen to be the maid of honor. Give everyone who is present, a personal feel, as to who you are. You want to leave a lasting impression of yourself, while making this day one everyone will remember. Keep it heartfelt and emotional, and you are sure to pull of the best maid of honor speech.

Writing Maid of Honor Speeches