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A Comprehensive Guide To Maid of Honor Speeches

Once the chaos of the wedding day is over, and the bride and groom are happily wed, the final duty of the maid of honor arises – the speech. The maid of honor speech is crucial; it sums up your feelings for the new husband and wife and shows the wedding guests how apparent the new couple’s love is for each other. From beginning to end, maid of honor speeches should be short and succinct, touching on all of the reasons why you are positive the newlyweds are perfect for each other.

It’s critical to not embarrass the bride or groom too much. They do not want to look back on their special day and think about you informing their grandmothers about how they met at a strip club in Las Vegas. Anything you wouldn’t tell your own parents is probably best left out of the maid of honor speech entirely.

While you are usually the bride’s best friend/sister/cousin, the maid of honor speech is about the couple now. Focusing solely on childhood or high school events between the bride and you can wind up leaving the groom and his family feeling left out or uncomfortable, so it’s best if the speech encompasses both the husband and wife. There’s plenty of time for reminiscing, but this maid of honor speech isn’t one of them. A quick emphasis of your bond with the bride is usually sufficient.

From there, think about what you want out of a marriage. Generally every woman wants the same thing from her husband: comfort, companionship, friendship, trust, etc. Include ways you’ve seen these traits displayed in your friends and share them with the guests. Let the groom know you’ve seen and appreciate his devotion to your best friend. Let the bride relish in the glow of knowing her new husband is just as wonderful to everyone else as he is to her.

Wish the bride and groom well in your maid of honor speech. You should have an idea about what their goals are together. Do they want to move to another city or country? Do they want children? Do they want to buy a vacation home? Throw in some well-wishes for their future goals together.

Historically, the best man’s speech is usually droll and full of dry humor and wit, along with embarrassing stories of the groom. Oftentimes maid of honor speeches can be witty, too! Think about your style and your personality: are you emotional? Funny? Serious? Wise? Include your personality in your speech to personalize it.

Try to know ahead of time when the bride and groom want the toasts done. The last thing you want is for the timing of your maid of honor speech to be sprung on you and you have spinach stuck in your teeth or you have to fumble your way out from behind the table and rush to the DJ station to grab the microphone. Ask the bride during the meal when they want the toasts, and if they don’t have a preference, make sure to get together with the best man to coordinate your maid of honor speech with his best man speech.

Make sure you have notes. They should be well-written and clear, not scrawled on a napkin or the palm of your hand. Keep them with you and not with your date. Depending on your comfort level, your notes can be bulleted and short or you can write out the entirety of your speech, word for word. Just make sure when you’re giving your actual maid of honor speech, you aren’t staring at the piece of paper like you’re a 7th grader giving a speech on ecosystems. Making eye contact with the bride and groom will give your speech extra sparkle.

Be sure to practice your maid of honor speech! You want it to roll off your tongue, not to be halting and posed. Practice in front of the mirror, in front of bridesmaids, or in front of the bride’s mother, even. Ask for honest feedback. And don’t be surprised if you’re dry eyed during your rehearsal but a mess of tears during the actual toast. Everyone will tear up right along with you.

Try to remain relaxed while giving wedding speeches, but don’t seek that relaxation using alcohol. Your maid of honor speech is going to be recorded on video; slurring your words and giggling for no reason are not things you want capture on camera for all of eternity.

Crafting a memorable maid of honor speech is surprisingly easy. Keeping it simple and from the heart will ensure success. Once your speech is written, the rest of the job is merely logistics during the reception itself. Don’t set too many expectations (making the crowd roar with laughter, for example) and your speech is sure to melt the hearts of the bride and groom. They are, after all, the only two who really matter that day.

Let me know what you think about this article on maid of honor speeches ? And if you are looking for a few sample speeches or templates that you can use instantly, simply click this link here.


What Makes Maid of Honor Speeches Memorable

Recently I come across a comment from one of our readers which I want you to share with you, especially if you are chosen by a best friend or sister to be her maid of honor and consequently has to make a maid of honor speech at her wedding reception. Though the comment is made about maid of honor speeches, many believe it is true for all other wedding speeches as well. Now, let’s check the comment first. So, here it is -

The sad truth of maid of honor speeches is that as much as the the speaker wants it to be original and memorable, it’s hard to compete with the moment. Very few speakers have the raw charisma and natural turn-of-phrase talent to make such a speech truly unique and memorable. The maid of honor is chosen, usually as because she is the best-friend of the bride, not because she is gifted in speaking. This natural hindrance brings us back to the inherent problem with a maid of honor speech: it is choreographed. Aside from possibly a joke or story, you know the the elements: congratulations and good luck. That is all that it is. How does a maid of honor turn something that has likely been done billions of times into something unique. Maid of honor speeches are like the news, you know what’s coming, and unless the person is truly gifted, it is not going to be very memorable.

Would you agree to the reader’s comment ? I can’t totally agree to her view point. Though I agree that most maid of honors, in fact most wedding speakers for that matter, are not professional level orators and may not be able to deliver stunning speeches, it doesn’t mean that the speeches have to be forgotten. If the speech is expressive made from heart, at least the person who matters most is going to remember for a long time. I still remember my younger brother’s best man speech and it wasn’t a masterpiece, in fact it was quite simple. But I still remember it because he was genuine and I was so moved by his words.

And moreover who knows, if you are determined and take the necessary actions (like planning the speech, writing it down, reviewing it and then practicing it) you can actually impress with your maid of honor speech even if it is simple (but honest). At least your friend or sister is going to remember it for a long time, if not several others from the rest of the audience.

By the way, recently I watched a video on YouTube where the maid of honor was so sentimental that she could hardly utter a word. She cried and kept crying and then left without saying a word. It was embarrassing but then the bride and almost her entire family was crying too. And I was amazed to see the comments under the video, several people feel that it is quite understandable. She touched the heart of several people including the ones who matter most.

Wait a minute, I don’t want your wedding speeches to be anything like the one I just mentioned (being overly sentimental). So, if you happen to be a maid of honor and want your speech to stick out – it’s time to take some action. And don’t forget to leave your opinion below.


Recipe For Making The Best of The Best Maid of Honor Speeches

If this is your first time having to prepare a maid of honor speech. My advice to you, would be to ‘cheat’. Maid of honor speeches can be a very intimidating task. Do research on the subject, until you get a feel to the techniques. Don’t expect to be an expert, when you’re just starting out. There are many things to consider if you intend to prepare for one of the best maid of honor speeches, and I will give you all the tips I can.

One of the most important things to remember is. Do not wait until the last minute to prepare your maid of honor speech. Chances are, you will rewrite your speech several times, before you’re satisfied with it, and you don’t want to be rushed for time, while doing so. The wedding ceremony, will be an emotional event, and you do not want to choke, when called to deliver your maid of honor speech. You do not want to be responsible for messing up your sister’s or best friend wedding. Therefore, early preparation is the key to delivering the best maid of honor speeches.

Now that you have started writing your maid of honor speech. Have mutual friends, that will also be attending the wedding, read your work. Perhaps, you would like to read it to them, and get their feedback on it, before you deliver it in front of all the guests. Practice is definitely another key to delivering the best maid of honor speech. Read your speech out loud to either, yourself or others. This will enable you to perfect it, before the big day arrives, and may boost your confidence before stepping up to the plate.

Keep in mind, that you will be delivering your maid of honor speech, after the best man has delivered his speech. The best man speech is also an important part of the ceremony, and although your first instinct may be to outdo him. I would advise against that. This is not your time to shine. This day is for the bride and groom. Keep your maid of honor speech short and sweet, but heartfelt as well.

Another key while preparing maid of honor speeches, is the time concept. You want to avoid making your speech too long. The guests have to sit through many speeches during the ceremony, and you don’t want to risk boring them, while delivering your maid of honor speech.

Once the big day has arrived, and your stomach is doing flips, with anticipation. Remember to keep it respectful but touching. Try not to drink too much, if you have to. You don’t want to deliver your maid of honor speech, with slurred words. Draw the guests in, and give them a personal feel to yours and the bride’s relationship. Make a good first impression, and tackle this obligation with poise and elegance. Keep all these key points in mind, and I am confident that you will pull off the best maid of honor speech you possibly can.


Ideas For Writing Great Maid of Honor Speeches

Do you think you’re fed up of the average, bland maid of honor speeches that you end up scribbling every time while trying to pull off one of those great maid of honor speeches you always wanted to give? Want to make your maid of honor speech unique and creative?  There are many things you can add into your maid of honor speech to make it more entertaining, more personal, and more touching.

Below I have provided a list of ideas necessary for creating great maid of honor speeches.  These maid of honor speech ideas will ensure that your maid of honor speech is unique, fun, and personal.

  • Have the speech come from your heart
  • Brainstorm several funny stories involving the bride and choose 2 or 3 favorites to include
  • Try to think of anything funny the bride said about marriage while she was little
  • Tell the audience why you think this couple is going to make it, give examples if you can
  • Share some funny habits that the bride has that the groom will now have to live with
  • Don’t be afraid to use famous quotes or wedding sayings, just personalize them a little to make them not as cliché.  Say the quote and then refer it to the couple in a way.
  • Be positive and make enthusiastic and sincere comments about the bride and groom and their future together.
  • Read your final draft out loud to yourself until you no longer make mistakes
  • On the wedding day bring note cards with key points of your speech so you do not forget anything, you do not babble on, and so you are not as nervous.
  • Toasting the happy couple is a great way to end maid of honor speeches – be ready with a nice wedding toast
  • Have fun and the best of luck to you!

Well, that’s pretty much about making great maid of honor speeches. But this is only the beginning as you need to take action based on the outlines you have just read. I would also recommend that you go through the entire site and hopefully you will find all the ideas and resources you need to make your speech stand out of the crowd.


Simple Tips For Writing A Maid of Honor Speech Easily

My guess is that it is your first time being maid of honor, and you are probably panicking about the maid of honor speech, let alone all the other maid of honor responsibilities. So, the idea is how to make the writing of your maid of honor wedding speech painless first.  I really hope you are getting an early start on your maid of honor wedding speech because the best ways generally takes weeks to write.

Why does it take so long you ask?  Well it is always best to leave yourself time to make changes and to practice.  The more time you get to reread through your speech, the better the speech will be, plus the better you will deliver it.  Do not be afraid to practice your speech in front of others before the wedding, that is always a good idea (just don’t read it to the bride).

When writing a maid of honor speech you want to follow the same basic format -

  • Introduction – Briefly introduce yourself. A light-hearted comment here could help get the attention.
  • Your past with the bride – That’s what your audience expect to hear from you especially if you’re going to share a few funny memories.
  • The bride and groom – How, where and when the bride met the groom for the first time. What did she often tells you about him?
  • Why they are perfect for each other – Explain why you think they are going to make an ideal couple in days to come
  • Inspirational words or quotes – No mater if you are married or not, don’t hesitate to give some wise advices on marriages and couples.
  • A toast to the bride and groom – A must – it’s a wonderful way to congratulate the newlyweds and wish them a happy future.

If you follow this format, you will be set for your maid of honor speech, but if you need some additional help or inspiration, there are great resources to turn to on the web.  You can either read more articles as such, or you can read samples of maid of honor speeches.


Are Funny Maid of Honor Speeches Appropriate ?

Are you tired of those plain, boring maid of honor speech ideas and want to liven yours up a little? I can’t blame you! The maid of honor speech is generally from the heart and not on the comedic side like the best man’s speech. But unfortunately, there is a reason why funny maid of honor speeches are rare. Several of us think that maid of honor speeches are just not meant to be funny, but that’s not right. If you understand when jokes and wits are okay in a maid of honor speech, there are ways you can make parts of the speech funny, so there is hope yet.

There are specific parts within maid of honor speeches that you can make funny by including appropriate humors in them, and here we will try to outline them for you -

Ideas for Funny Maid of Honor Speeches :

  • Introduction – can definitely be funny, start with a good marriage joke!
  • Parts about the bride – share funny stories and memories about the bride (another funny idea would be to list some annoying habits she has, which the groom will now have to live with)
  • About the Bride and Groom – Make this part sincere. Say why you support their marriage, why you think they are going to make it, and give examples if you can.
  • Inspirational words – Really try keeping this sincere. You can make this funny if you want, but it is best for the maid of honor to be sincere and loving.
  • Closing Toast – Wish them a life of happiness and love, wish them a happy, healthy family. Stay away from the comedy during this part as well.

In addition you can try reading a few maid of honor speech examples. They can help you decide which parts can be funny and which parts should be sincere. You may even get inspired by them and come up with your own wedding speech joke! Best of luck, but please, I cannot caution you enough – Don’t overdo it!


Short Maid of Honor Speeches Could Save The Day For You

One of the biggest mistakes I see woman make as the Maid of Honor is make their reception speech too long.  Women often have the tendency to babble (sorry to mention that and I believe that you aren’t of that kind, seriously) on and never stop talking – hints to why most of the reception speeches are made by the man.  So the best thing you can do for your speech is to write a very sweet, personalized, short maid of honor speech.

The Maid of Honor speech is not typically a speech for entertaining – such as the best man speech – so it is a good idea to write a short maid of honor speech to avoid humiliating yourself especially if you don’t consider yourself as a good confident public speaker.  Have the speech come from your heart and put your natural sense of humor in to action – you will be able to pull off quite a decent maid of honor speech for sure.

Here are a few tips for making short maid of honor speeches -

  • Keep your speech between 3 to 5 minutes (never go longer than 5 minutes!)
  • If you are giving only a toast instead of a speech keep it under one minute
  • Follow the traditional format of maid of honor speeches
  • Read a few maid of honor example speeches to get an idea of what to include and a good length
  • Read your final draft out loud to yourself until you no longer make mistakes
  • Read it in front of your family or the bridesmaids and make sure it will not embarrass or offend anyone, also ask them if they feel it is a good length.
  • On the wedding day bring note cards with key points of your speech so you do not forget anything, you do not babble on, and so you are not as nervous.

So, next time when you are chosen as the maid of honor go for short maid of honor speeches and say good bye to stress and worries normally attached to the wedding speeches. Have fun.


Where to Find A Good Maid of Honor Speeches Sample

If you are scheduled to deliver a speech at a friend’s wedding, then it may help you write it if you can find a maid of honor speeches sample, or if you can see someone else giving one.

The best way to see other people giving speeches is to have a look at some old wedding videos. Do you parents have a wedding video? Or did your brothers or sisters have wedding videos at their weddings? If you can get hold of a few wedding videos from friends and family, then you can sit and watch the speeches and see how it is done.

If the video is very old, then apart from the funky old fashions, be aware that other traditions and customs may have changed and so do have a look at the video, but also find out things about the ceremony at which you will be speaking. For example, changes might be that you may have a microphone to speak into. Or, instead of just standing up at the table you may have to go up onto a stage, or a staged area to deliver your speech.

This is also a good idea, especially if you are related to the bride, you can pick up some old stories about her parents, or other relatives which you may be able to use in your speech.

Other great ways to find a maid of honor speeches sample is to go online and look at YouTube or the many other video repositories of a similar nature. It is very easy to find them. Just do a search for ‘maid of honor speech’ and you will find hundreds of entries. By clicking on a few of these, you can get a good idea of the right sort of thing.

Looking at these will give you some unique and invaluable help that you may not otherwise find. Some of these are: how long your maid of honor speech should be, what sort of microphones there are, such as ones to hold in your hand, or ones on stands. They can also show you a little about the atmosphere of the occasion. Not all weddings are the same of course, but you will see that the speakers can get a lot of interruptions, as people laugh at your jokes, or make ones of their own. Also, it will remind you to refer to the bride and groom directly, as they may be standing nearby.

Other good ways to get sample maid of honor speeches is to download templates from specialist web sites. These can be fantastic because all the main parts of the speech can be written out for you and you only need to add the specifics. This is important because it means that the crucial parts are not missing, for example introducing yourself, and thanking people for coming etc. So, even if you do not end up using a template, they can give you some very good ideas.

And last but not the least, don’t forget to check the collection of speeches for the maid of honor you find following this link.


Maid of Honor Speeches

A maid of honor speech is usually expected to offset a drunken groomsman’s toast.  Here are other things that people usually expect from a maid of honor’s speech:

  • A maid of honor’s speech may contain stories of what the bride used to be when she was growing up of when you first knew her.
  • Details on how you and the bride met and how long you both have known each other.
  • A little philosophical or spiritual statement.
  • Words of advice to both the newlyweds.
  • Wishes you have for the newlyweds, usually in the form of babies, happiness, success, etc.

Tips on maid of honor speeches:

  • Do you resemble Julia Roberts in the movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and only got to know the bride weeks before the wedding? You can make your speech about the qualities your best friend/brother was looking for and must have found in his new bride-to-be.
  • Write your toast about three weeks before the big day. Prepare a couple of drafts and have someone whose taste you trust edit your work.
  • Express your sincerity in telling everyone how thrilled the bride to be at the wedding.  Thank the bride and groom (and their parents, if appropriate) for being invited to the wedding.
  • You may go a little emotional by including a personal touch in your maid of honor speech, a special secret or funny anecdote about the bride.
  • If you don’t drink, don’t force yourself to.  It will only add jitters to you.  Ask for a glass of water or other nonalcoholic beverage when delivering your maid of honor speech for toasting.

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