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At that time it was the Graduation Speech and now it’s the Wedding Speech

Does a graduation speech have anything to do with wedding speeches? Probably not, but it can’t be denied that both are speeches and are addressed to a group of people, although the nature of the audience is quite different and so is the ambience. But for most the graduation speech is the first ever speech and if you had have the opportunity to give a speech at the time you graduated from college you should know what does it take to stand up in front of a group of people and give a good speech.  In that case you should also know if you are a good speaker naturally or you have to work hard to deliver your wedding speech confidently.

So, when it comes to wedding speech, your graduation speech (if you have the experience to give one) could effectively guide you to what could be a perfect wedding speech.

By the way, if you are one of the few who have nothing to do with wedding speeches (not  at this point of time at least) came here rather accidentally searching for information exclusively on a graduation speeches, we have something for you here in this article on graduation speech – check it out.


Dearly Beloved We Are Gathered Here Today To Celebrate …

Dearly Beloved We Are Gathered Here Today To Celebrate …. Do these words strike terror in your heart? You know when the ceremony is over you’re going to be giving your wedding speech, right? Standing up in front of all those people and sharing your feeling about your best friend? It would frighten toughest of men…but you can beat those terrors by focusing on the other great aspects of the wedding.

You know, there’s more to weddings than the wedding speeches. If you’re the best man, you get to kiss the bride and maid of honor. That’s a plus, sometimes…as the best man you get to play the hero when the cater leaves town with the deposit money and grab your trusty sword…err…I mean, your phone and call for 30 pizza for instant delivery, while doing your best to entertain the guests until they arrive.

There’s the dancing after the reception and wedding speeches with that fair lady you’ve had your eye on since you meet her at the rehearsal dinner. And of course, all the duty dances with grandma and aunties that like to tell you “how you’ve grown”. Don’t forget that!

Then there’s the “keeping an eye” on your best friend (the groom) until the bride takes over after all the wedding speeches. This is the time you can finally sit back, relax, and just enjoy the rest of the night without any more duties. And no wedding speech to worry about either. Finally, it’s over, your best friend is married, and you wish him (or the bride) the best of luck with him.

You’ve done your part; you came through the wedding, the wedding speeches and the reception without a scratch. Now, as long as you don’t catch the wedding bouquet when the bride throws it you should be in the clear.

That is until the next time you’re asked to be another best man.

[ "Dearly Beloved We Are Gathered Here Today" is an excerpt from an work of fiction by Karen Weilert ]


Funny Wedding Speech directed to Bride and Groom

Very funny speech by the father of the bride that could also be done by the father of the groom or grandfather. This is at the wedding of Jennifer Donnelly and Bryan Harveston.

Duration : 0:5:43

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