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October 1, 2010


Guidelines To Make Father of the Bride Speeches Right For The Occasion

When your daughter tells you that she’s become engaged to be married, a whole host of feelings can flood over you. There’s always delight in the fact that she’s found someone who will make her happy, anxiety that she’s making a big life decision, and panic at the fact that you’re going to have to make a father of the bride speech at some point in the near future. This article aims to show you that father of the bride speeches don’t have to be terrifying, as long as you stick to a few tried and tested practices. Now, let’s go through the factors that help make father of the bride speeches right.

The main mistake that most fathers make with their father of the bride speeches is to try and hide their feelings behind jokes and witty comments. These are almost always best left to the best man, who should be thinking of ways of teasing the groom. The bride should always be protected from embarrassment, partly because it’s her special day and partly because she’s had so many other things to worry about in the preparation of the wedding, being shown up in front of her family is the last thing she wants. Instead, focus on positive stories you have of the pair, or your favorite memories of the bride growing up.

Your father of the bride speech should come across as a magnanimous way of letting go of your little ego and entrusting her into the care of someone else. This means that you should also focus on your hopes for their future, making references to any plans that they’ve told you about. Teasing them about grandchildren is acceptable, as long as it’s not a bone of contention between you already. It’s important to talk to your daughter about the topics you want to talk about, not so she can veto them, but so that she knows what to expect. Explain to her that you’re not going to embarrass her, and instead you’re going to celebrate their love for each other, and your love for her.

Father of the bride speeches that focus on positive memories and positive futures will be remembered by all who are present, but most of all by the bride herself. By delivering a sweet speech, you will always remain the first man who loved her, and someone to whom she can always rely on. And now that you know some of the key points that make father of the bride speeches right, you can expect to impress the wedding guests and at the same time make your daughter proud of you by giving an exceptionally good father of the bride speech.

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  1. Karissa
    Dec 17 2010

    I think it’s important that you get father of the bride speeches right from the word go.

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