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June 12, 2010

How I Prepared Myself For My Father Of The Bride Speech

The first time, I looked down at my daughter’s beautiful face, I knew this day would come. For, she was just simply breath taking. I knew she would grow up into a magnificent young lady someday, that no man could resist.

Now here I sit, thinking back on her childhood, and I am brought to tears. Remembering how many times, I had to pick her up off the ground, when I taught her how to ride a bike. I wiped away her tears, and she seen me as her hero. However, someone else has now become her hero, and I can see that in her eyes, when she looks at him.

I have this piece of paper and pen in my hands, wondering how I am going to prepare myself for the father of the bride speech. I could talk all day, about what a wonderful and amazing person my little girl is, and how lucky, the man, she has chosen to spend her life with, really is. However, I have to consider everyone else that will be in attendance as well. Therefore, I think I am going to start out by thanking all the guests for attending, and say a few words about my new son in law.

He proved himself to me, when my daughter was badly burnt, and suffered some scaring due to her injuries. I expected him to simply run away, but that wasn’t the case at all. Not only did he stay with her every possible second he could during her recovery. He also asked her to be his bride during her healing process, and his loyalty to my little girl, has more than made a good impression on me. I have never seen my daughter so happy and full of life before. He brings out all the wonderful qualities my little girl has to offer, and I am deeply grateful to him for that.

I can picture how beautiful my daughter is going to look, walking arm and arm with me down the aisle. Although, the thought of delivering her into the arms of someone else, breaks my heart. I can honestly say, I couldn’t be prouder of the choice she has made. It will be an honor, to witness such a glorious union.

Writing all of my feelings down, has helped me come up with what to put into my father of the bride speech. Although, I am not going to hog the spotlight. I am, however, going to make it a point to share my thoughts and feelings I am having, but keep it on a positive note. Although, I am not experiencing any negative feelings, I wouldn’t put anything negative in my speech if I was, for I wouldn’t want my daughter to be shedding anything, but happy tears. This is her day, and I want her to look back on this day, and remember how proud she was, when I gave my father of the bride speech.

I know I would also want to thank all the guests, members of my family and the groom’s as well as our friends, for attending the wedding and wishing the newlyweds. I really appreciate the contribution of those special individuals who took care of all the arrangements and made it look easy for all of us though I know it wasn’t easy. It is customary for all father of the bride speeches to acknowledge their contribution and honor them by mentioning their names; my father of the bride speech won’t be any exception, I will of course dedicate a part of my father of the bride speech to them. And, last but not the least, I am going to share with the audience how my wife was by my side all my life and contributed equally, if not more, to bring up our children.

I will end my speech by raising my glass high in the air, and toasting the happy couple with nothing but my best wishes, for a long and prosperous future together.

Well, that was my father of the bride speech. to make it more interesting Ii would perhaps add some humors to it, for example, a couple of my daughter’s childhood memories that were really funny or share with the audience how nervous she and particularly my now son-in-law was when she introduced him to me and my family for the first time … I think you got the idea. All these little things together make a wedding speech honest and are remembered for a long time. Since you are reading this, probably your daughter is getting married too and you are trying to gather some ideas on father of the bride speeches so that you can write your own. Firstly let me congratulate you. It’s a big day for both you and your daughter and I hope you all are going to make the wedding ceremony and reception a huge success. as far as your wedding speech is concerned, this web site has a pretty good collection of father of the bride speech materials for you, enough to get the inspiration you need to write and give your father of the bride speech. However, if you really don’t have the time to gather all the information and put them together to compose a speech of your own, you might want to have a look at the pre-written and sample father of the bride speeches.

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