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July 7, 2011


Seven Tips That Will Help Make Any Father of The Bride Speech Stand Out

Something one remembers most about going to a wedding of a family member or friend are the speeches given at the formal dinner. One of the most, if not the most memorable speech is the father of the bride speech. If a man is the father of the bride there are a few tips that can help them out when giving their memorable speech.

  1. First thing is to be sincere. Make sure you are truthful and genuine in telling your story or giving advice.
  2. Second tip would be to be humorous. People remember cleverness when someone tells them a joke or funny story, so try your best to make them laugh. Laughter works more than anything else as far as wedding speeches are concerned.
  3. Another thing a father will want to be is loving, when speaking. It is your daughter’s wedding and both she and her newly married husband would love to know that you love them and are extremely happy for them on this day. Then, be respectful, both to the bride and groom. Joke telling can only go too far and a father wants to make sure his speech is tasteful and not vulgar. For example, don’t tell a story you wouldn’t want to be told about you. You also want your father of the bride speech to be somewhat planned out. Don’t read directly from those note cards but perhaps bring some notes so you don’t forget something and regret it later.
  4. When thinking of specific tips and ideas for what should be in father of the bride speeches, one immediately thinks of easy things to talk about. These likely are memories of the bride when they were younger. A father will almost always remember the stages and phases his daughter went through when she was growing up. Sharing those stories is always a good idea as the guests love to hear them. But remember to limit them to a couple at most.
  5. Another tip would be to include a recent memory explaining how grown up they are and how proud they are of them on that day. The father will also want to talk about the day in question and getting married. The day has probably been really stressful but the end result is satisfying.
  6. Another tip would then to not completely focus on the bride but to also talk about the groom, complimenting them and how much they are accepting them as a part of the family. The bride will definitely be beaming when they hear that their father loves and respects their husband of choice. Lastly, a father will probably want to give some short but meaningful advice.
  7. Bringing in the respectful tip again, a father will want to give advice that has worked for them and what they believe will help out their daughter and son-in-law.

After hearing a father of the bride speech such as this one that has been carefully planned with love and thought, the bride will be beyond happy and the guests will feel a little bit closer to the father and their relationship with the bride.

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  1. Robert Fanning
    Jul 14 2011

    I think the most important point is always to practice the father of the bride speech as many times as possible. Repeated practice can only help you deliver it perfectly. Even if you supposed to be a really good orator you must plan for your father of the bride speech and rehearse it until you are happy with it.

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