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March 22, 2009


The Fundamentals of Wedding Speeches

The four of the most common wedding speeches that are common to almost all weddings are the father of the bride speech, the groom’s speech, the maid of honor speech and the best man’s speech. Though you don’t always get to hear to all of those four wedding speeches at every wedding reception party you attend.

Firstly, the toastmaster, if there is any, should urge the father of the bride to propose a toast wishing health and happiness to the newlyweds. If you are the father of the bride you should attempt to make your father of the bride speech sincere and if you get a bit sentimental during your speech don’t worry about it …. It’s quite natural with father of the bride speeches. But, you know, like all other wedding speeches, you could do a lot of good to your speech if you can add a bit of humor to it. As the father of the bride you will also have to welcome the groom’s parents, all the friends and family members and the guests present at the reception.

The groom speech is next where the groom usually replies with a speech where he thanks his own parents for what they have done all these years to make him what he is. He will also thank the parents of the bride to accept him as one of their family members. Groom speeches should also portrait the love and responsibility of the groom towards his bride. It is also customary that the groom also says a few words of thanks to the gift-bearers, the bridesmaids and the best man.

Traditionally, the groom speech is followed by the best man speech. The best man generally gives a light-hearted, humorous speech. Best Man Speeches are often centered on the groom. The best best man speeches have jokes, quotes, one-liners as well as anecdotes included in them and all of them together, if delivered in a lively manner, make it absolutely entertaining.

Finally, maid of honor speeches or the wedding toasts from the bridesmaids are actually quite similar to the best man speech. The only difference being the majority of the speech is dedicated to the bride instead of the groom. The maid of honors are normally the bride’s sisters or friends and being somebody close to the bride’s heart, their version of wedding speeches would mean some funny insider secrets about the bride.

Apparently, delivering a speech at a wedding reception would necessarily mean that you should get prepared for it well in advance. Here are some essential tips that anybody having to give a wedding speech can follow -

  • Begin early. You should start your preparation at least 2 weeks prior to the wedding day
  • Do some research work by browsing through various wedding speech resources on the internet.
  • Note down the points you like noteworthy.
  • Make an outline of the speech.
  • Bear in mind that your speech shouldn’t be longer than 5 minutes.
  • Depending on the nature of your wedding speech remember to include everybody you need to thank.
  • Sort the wedding jokes, quotes one-liners you intend to include in your speech
  • Anecdotes make wedding speeches interesting. Remember those you would like to use.
  • Avoid silly remarks, bad jokes. And alcohol before the speech. Aunt Lily is not going to like them.
  • Be honest and sincere. Better be the person you are.
  • Practice. Practice builds familiarity. And familiarity gives rise to confidence.

Well, that’s it for today as far as getting ready for your wedding speech is concerned. If you think it’s not easy let me tell you that you have done a lot harder jobs than giving a wedding speech. Write up your speech practice and get used to it’s done. And if you think you require it, you can get some excellent wedding speech materials and guidance by following one of the links below -

Wedding Speech Resources

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  1. Mar 23 2009

    The key to a great best man speech is to blend the right amount of sincerity and humor into it.

  2. Jan 21 2011

    A useful tip when making the best man speech is to use a subtle mix of sincerity and humour. When considering humour is better to use one liners rather than long winded jokes. One liners can be used to grab attention and keep the audience interested. It is of course important to keep any humour child friendly and whatever you do, don’t upset the bride!

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