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Bria and Groom SpeechBack in the day, the groom use to speak on behalf of the bride, as well as himself. Perhaps, starting out with "My wife and I", and normally the room would laugh a bit. However, times they are a changing, for, the bride to speak for herself these days.

The bride and groom need to discuss who will be thanking who during both of their speeches. It would be rude and embarrassing to leave someone out, and not include them in the thanks given. However, it would be appropriate for the bride and groom to thank both sets of parents. It is a very magical day for them as well, so they need to be made to feel special.

Of course, it would be expected for the groom to thank the best man and the groomsmen, and the bride, should thank the maid of honor, and bridesmaids.

Trying to figure out what to write about while creating the groom speech, is the thing. For the groom, he should thank the father of the bride for his speech, and thank the best man. Then he should also thank the mother of the bride, and of course he should say a few loving words to his new wife. Be sure and tell her how beautiful she looks, and how much it means to you, becoming her husband. Maybe tell the guests how you two met, or how you got to where you are now. List some admirable traits to your new wife. For instance, tell everyone, why you love her so much. What it is about her, that just makes your heart race? Give everyone an inside look inside your relationship, and make them understand. Look into your wife's eyes, and tell her how lucky you are, and make the guests, feel the emotion, you are speaking.

Now that it's the bride's turn to speak. Well, bride speeches are quite similar to the groom speeches, the main difference being she also has a seperate list of people to say thanks to. She should thank the groom for his speech, and possibly, wipe the tears running down her face. Next, she should thank the maid of honor, and the bridesmaids, for being a part of this joyful day. Then she should turn to her groom, and include some heart felt words about him as well. Let him know how much you love him, and how happy it makes you, to be called his bride. Then paint everyone a picture on why, you fell for him so hard. What amazing quality does he posses that you, just couldn't resist?  Make everyone understand why the two of you are perfect for each other. How does he make you feel? How does he make you a better person? What have the two of you accomplished together? What lies ahead for the two of you? Let him know just how lucky you are, to be his bride, and how he completes you.

Although, the groom is a man, he is a person also, and the bride should put just as much feeling into her speech top the groom, as he does to her. A bride and Groom speech has to be one of the most moving parts of the wedding for me. Witnessing the love, those two people share for each other, is just nothing short of amazing.

Well having said that, don't you think that it's actually two wedding speeches given back to back by the groom and the bride? Well, it's just a way to do it and if you really want to combine both the speeches and speak together, it's also possible. However, you need not only to plan your entire speech very carefully (deciding who's going to say what and when) but also rehearse it several times. Giving the bride speech and groom speech together is an ubique idea but to accomplish you need to do more.

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