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One of the biggest fears most people have is giving a speech. But giving an engagement speech should be one of the happiest you should be willing to give. Some people are born to give speeches while others quiver in their shoes at the thought of giving a speech, even engagement speeches.

You can rest assured the people going before you are feeling the same thing. However difficult it is, when the time comes you will be able to give your speech because an engagement party is a happy time. There are ways to alleviate most of the nervousness that comes with giving a speech. Check out the engagement speech ideas below to make sure you give the perfect engagement toast.

An engagement speech is not as difficult as a wedding speech mainly because there aren't as many people you don't know. An engagement party tends to have more intimate family members and best of friends. Weddings only not have the brides family and friends but the grooms as well, many of whom you don't know.

The engaged couple usually gives a speech of thanks while others give a heartfelt speech. Some will be humorous and jokingly spoken while others will be tender and warm-hearted but all of them will wish the best for the happy couple.

Most engagement party's are informal but there are a few that are very formal. At the formal engagement, speeches are given by the fathers of the happy couple. The engaged couple give their thanks for the party and the best wishes.

At the informal engagement party, they tend to let anyone who wants make a speech. It is becoming the norm to give speeches at engagements parties as well as wedding speeches.

Engagement Speech Ideas

  • The father of the bride: The father of the bride usually makes a speech. It's not mandatory but they like to say a few words of congratulations. Keep is short and sweet.
  • Mother of the bride: They don't normally give a speech but if you want to tell a few anecdotes about your daughter and her ideas about marriage when she was young. How she used to play with her dolls or what she might have said about marriage.
  • The father of the groom: The grooms father welcomes the bride to be into the family and gives the couple his best wishes. Perhaps he might mention some anecdotes about his son's view on marriage when he was young.
  • The mother of the groom: The mother of the groom usually gives best wishes to the bride-to-be and offers advice.

Normally all speeches at an engagement party are very short and sweet. There is no special formula for the engagement speech. It's individual per families and their traditions.

As to what to say, you can compliment on the ideal bride, how proud you are, and how you wish them many years together. It should come from the heart and only you will know the exact feelings and words to use in your engagement speech.

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