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Father Daughter Speech - Ideas for a Father's Wedding Speech to be given at her Daughter's Wedding Reception

Your little girl is getting married, and you have to deliver a well though out father of the bride speech. This can be very nerve racking. Therefore, I have enclosed some information that can hopefully help you better prepare yourself for your own "father daughter speech". Follow the information listed below, and this will leave your guests, with a very positive impression of your daughter, as well as her new husband.

Address the guests personally. Welcome everyone in attendance, and thank them for coming. Include everyone that played a role in making this day so spectacular. Now mention your daughter, give everyone a personal feel to what your daughter is all about. A childhood memory would be a good start. Perhaps, one memory, from her younger years, stands out more than anything else, if so, then your daughter would probably remember it as well. Make everyone see your daughter for the unique and amazing individual she is. Paint them a picture to then and now. How she has changed her life for the better, since the groom came into her life.

Don't forget about the groom. Mention some good attributes about him as well. What was your first impression of him? What type of person is he? How has he, and will continue to make your daughter's lifer better? Mentioning these attributes about the groom, will give your daughter as well as the rest of the guests, a better impression of the groom, and you as well.

Purpose a toast to the new couple. There are things you want to avoid, when delivering your speech, and during the toast. You don't want to mention anything that is going to embarrass, the bride or the groom. You don't want to see your daughter in tears on her wedding day, unless they are tears of joy. Therefore, keep away from any embarrassing stories, that may make her feel like you are attacking her. Although, you may find what you are mentioning funny, your daughter, and the rest of the guests may not find it very amusing. Being embarrassed especially on your wedding day, is never funny.

Also don't go on and on about what a wonderful person you are. This is not your day, and it is not about you. Keep the father of the bride speech and toast focused on the bridal couple, for, this is their day, not yours. No one is interested in what a generous person or father you are, they are more interested in knowing your feelings towards your daughter and her new husband. This happens, way to often. The speaking parties tend to focus on themselves, instead of the bridal couple. That is a big mistake, and will not leave a good impression of you, or the bridal couple.

In your toast, you want to mention what makes your daughter so wonderful and unique. Tell about how you felt, the day she was born, and how blessed you have been. Keep it short and sweet, and speak from your heart, and you are sure to deliver a wonderful father daughter speech.

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