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Father Of The Bride Speech Examples

Your daughter’s getting married and you need father of the bride speech examples.  Well, you came to the right place.  By using examples of speeches, you can craft your father of the bride speech to match your personality and that of your daughter. It also serves to keep the natives (guests) at bay.

The father of the bride speech is often one of the most emotional and it can be difficult to write.  Your speech should give a quick snapshot of your daughter’s life from birth to now.  It should also cover anecdotes of her new husband and his family, all the while keeping those listening entertained. Pretty tall order for a father of the bride.

Since the father of the bride speech is generally the first speech of the evening, you get the chance to speak about everybody attending the wedding. You’re also one of the first people who get to thank the long list of people who helped with the wedding plans. Quite a job for one little speech, huh?

Since it is one of the first speeches at the wedding reception, you should try to keep it to about 3 to 5 minutes. If you’re wondering how many words that is, it’s about 500 to 600 words. Just enough to fill one page of paper. Don’t forget to use index cards or a list of bulleted points so you don’t forget anything.

This not only helps you but it keeps the guest from getting restless. If you ramble on about your daughter in a haphazard way, the guests will start getting fidgety. That’s why using a sample father of the bride speech will help you put your thoughts and comments in order.

You can also add to the sample speeches such as a poem, a rhyme, or a limerick. Writing a song for your daughter is also an option and will touch her deeply. If you can’t make something up then using a famous quote, rhyme or song is perfectly acceptable.

By using examples of father of the bride speeches, you can get the gist (outline) of what you want to say on paper then start arranging it to fit your personality.  Having an outline in place will allow you to write the best speech possible without compromising your integrity.  Doing this will help you remember important details you want to say and it gives you a remembrance so you don’t leave anything or anybody out.

Your speech also sets the tone for the congratulatory speeches that come after you.  Once you have some examples of father of the bride speeches then you can break your speech into components, do a little brainstorming and find something to say for each part. After that, it’s smooth sailing to put together your father of the bride speech into something that’s personal and meaningful.

By using father of the bride speech examples, it will help you get a general idea of what you want to say. You don’t have to follow them word for word and using someone else’s speech is just not acceptable, not to mention how your daughter will feel about it. But taking inspiration from a good wedding speech and using it as a template for your speech is perfectly acceptable. There’s no harm in getting a little help with your speech.

Okay, that's almost everything about father of the bride wedding speech examples and how to use them effectively but I anticipate that you are looking for a few real examples of father of the bride speeches. For that simply click the image below -

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