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Father of the Bride Speech Outline

As the bride's father it is your obligation to speak at the wedding reception. It may seem like a nerve racking experience, but father of the bride speeches can be made simple. With a father of the bride speech outline, you can easily write your speech for your daughter's big day.

Start off writing your father of the bride speech outline by introducing yourself of course. Not everyone may know that you are the father of the bride. Talk about the guests you know and how long you've been familiar with the groom's family. Thank the wedding guests for coming and traveling as far as they have. Now move on into the speech with funny stories about the wedding day or events that lead up to the day.

Once the introduction is over you would want sketch the outline of the main body of your father of the bride speech. When starting the speech, begin with complimenting your daughter, the bride, telling her how gorgeous she looks on her special day. Emphasize the wonderful relationship you have had with your daughter throughout the years. Try not to say anything too cliché, but do talk about how much you love and admire the lovely bride. You can also tell any endearing or funny stories about your connection with your daughter. Don't embarrass her, but don't be afraid to share some charming tales. Mention the hopes you have for your daughter and her future with the groom. This will take you into the next part of the father of the bride speech. Well, that's actually all you need to speak and taking notes of those points in your father of the bride speech outline will certainly make it a lot more convenient for you when you will actually start writing the actual speech.

Complimenting the groom is the next step in your speech before the conclusion. Jot down in your father of the bride speech outline how you would like it to be. Here are some ideas. Talk about your first impressions whenever you met the groom. Share with the guests the interests you two have in common, and how they have brought you closer together. Tell how, in what ways, he makes your daughter happy. Welcoming the groom to the family is very important in this part of the speech. Tell him you are ecstatic to have him as a part of your family and that you are glad to call him your son-in-law. His family and your own will appreciate this kind gesture.

To wrap up the father of the bride speech outline make sure you thank everybody involved in the wedding. As the father of the bride it is your obligation to thank everyone involved in the wedding. Thank the bridal party, groomsmen and bridesmaids. Also be sure to thank the mother of the bride, the clergymen if present, the florist, and anyone else involved in the wedding planning. Concluding the father of the bride speech, wish the bride and groom a wonderful, long life. Stand and give a toast to their long-lasting love and bliss.

To learn more about how to convert your father of the speech outline to a full fledged speech check this resource.

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