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The Father of the Bride Speeches YouTube Has On It's Portal Could Help You Immensely

A champagne glass is raised and a silver fork gently strikes its side. Everbody's attention turns to the sound that signals that a speech is about to commence. "Excuse me everyone, I would like to make a toast..." What follows is the summation of an effort that began decades before - a father is about to express his happiness and sadness on the joyous and memorable occasion of giving his daughter's hand to her suitor. A lot of thought and painstaking effort goes into such a speech. It is no surprise that writing a father of the bride speech is difficult, but thanks to the internet, it doesn't have to be a nightmare.

Father of The Bride Speeches YouTubeOne of the problems that a father of the bride may have is a lack of really good examples to serve as a guide for writing a father of the bride speech. YouTube is the perfect remedy for this specific problem. You can search Google for the phrase "father of the bride speeches youtube" and you will be returned with several results in no time. Alternatively (this is a better idea) you can go to and perform a search for the phrase "father of the bride speeches" turns up plenty of hits. Each video will showcase the individual persona of the person who wrote and delivered the speech. There are many different types of speeches and each one will have a certain quality that is unique and very much in-tune with the situation. Taking notice of good and bad traits of each speech will allow the prospective speaker to gain perspective on the event at hand. With plenty of examples to view, one can get a very clear idea about how speeches sound when delivered by good and bad speakers in the YouTube videos.

Aside from the lack of examples, another problem is writing the material for the father of the bride speech. Often, speeches will include memorable stories of times the father and daddy's little girl spent together. Funny stories, inside jokes, and embarrassing events are things that every family has and have shared. However, embarrassing events are likely to get the bride upset or embarrassed on her special day. YouTube has a wealth of speeches and many contain jokes that can be recycled. Each father of the bride speech will contain some material that can be borrowed or changed to suit your specific needs. The videos also contain speeches where a father of the bride made a faux pas, which is something that can be avoided with proper writing. A speech that contains honest and heartfelt sentiments, stories, and pieces of advice will be better than a comedian's stand up show. However, tasteful jokes are a good way to lead into a speech, as are stories that chronicle the growth and maturation of the bride. Honest stories, tasteful jokes, and advice on living well can be molded into a fine father of the bride speech with some effort.

Another hurdle in the path of making father of the bride speeches, and possibly the biggest one for some, is nervousness. Some people are not naturally comfortable with speaking in front of an audience. There are numerous ways to face this challenge. Speaking to the bride, and avoiding focusing on the other people in the room, is a good way to deal with nervousness. A few deep breaths will get oxygen to the brain, and making sure to take even breaths while delivering the speech will have a calming effect. Again, YouTube has examples of speeches that went awry due to nervousness, and nervousness is something that some need to overcome in order to deliver a great father of the bride speech. Some will try to treat their nervousness with alcohol. Alcohol can ruin a father of the bride speech faster than an interruptive wedding singer. Celebrating responsibly and abstaining from alcohol, or at least minimizing drinking, will ensure that intoxication doesn't hinder the speaker. It should come as no surprise if a YouTube search turns up videos of a father of the bride speech turning into a drunken ramble, which is not a way to commemorate her special day.

YouTube can serve as a very useful tool while writing and rehearsing father of the bride speeches. Rehearsing the speech in a relaxed tone of voice and following the tips provided will lend confidence to your voice. Each father of the bride speech is unique because each speaker is different and definitely because no two brides are alike. Relax, prepare your speech ahead of time by learning from others' successes and mistakes, rehearse your speech, take a few deep breaths, reach for that champagne glass with confidence, and tell your little girl how special she is, has been, and always will be.

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