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Why a Father of the Bride Speech is simply not just a wedding speech

Father of the Bride Speeches - Bride's Father giving his wedding speech Get You Father of the Bride Speech from hundreds of sample and pre-written speeches Father of the Bride Speeches are perhaps the most solemn and at the same time sentimental wedding speeches. More than a wedding speech, a father of the bride speech is all about the feeling of a father towards his loving daughter. As the bride's father you need to get over the emotion and get prepared to deliver a Father of the Bride speech on your daughter's wedding day that will be long remembered.

The day your daughter gets married is an emotional day. It's quite normal that the parents of the bride would get sentimental. And you, being the dad, every moment of her entire life comes flashing into your head and the reality that your daughter has grown up and is about to take the biggest step in her life hits you. All of this builds up in you and the best time to release these emotions are during the father of the bride speech. You need to use all of your life experience and your knowledge of marriage when you give your speech.

When the wedding has been completed and the reception begins, it is time for you to prepare to give your wedding speech . The bride's father traditionally speaks first. You should wait until everyone has been seated before you begin to give your speech. If you have a wedding planner they will usually tell you when to begin your speech. Father of the bride speeches are generally followed by the groom speech, the best man speech and finally the maid of honor speech.

You are going to want to start off your speech by first getting everyone's attention, introducing yourself, and then welcoming all of the guests to the wedding. You will then want to continue by welcoming the groom's immediate family into your family.

Once you have welcomed the groom's family into yours, you are going to want to mention how good the new couple looks together. Also, you should say a few words about the ceremony and how nice it was.

Once you have mentioned the above, you need to begin your father of the bride speech with some stories. Depending on your personal preference, you should tell some humorous or heartfelt memories of your daughter growing up.

No father of the bride speech is complete without the father saying some words praising your daughter like how gorgeous she is looking in her bridal gown and so on. Let her and everybody know how you became nostalgic hearing the wedding vows. Make her proud by saying how proud you are of her.

After you have shared some stories with the guests you should give some advice to your daughter and her husband about marriage. You should use your own marriage as an example to what you must do to have a happy marriage.

To finish the speech you should raise your glass and propose a toast to the newlyweds. Wish them a happy life together and hope they have many happy memories as a married couple. Finish the toast, and then introduce the groom for his speech or toast, which usually follows.

Your daughter just went through the most important day of her life and is now married. You, the dad, the bride's father, now has to give a speech to all the guests. It can be a nerve-wracking experience but it is one that you have to go through. This article should help you when giving the father of the bride speeches.

Finally, I will urge you to watch this clipping from that excellent movie Father oF The Bride featuring Steve Martin. sometimes a video can express better than words. By the way, it's not about preparing father of the bride speeches but hopefully it will be able to put you in the mood right away.

Would you like to get sample father of the bride speeches and learn how to customize them fast and deliver a memorable speech ?

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Father of The Bride

Steve Martin and Kimberly Williams Paisley in the movie Father of The Bride. Both the actors also featured in Father of The Bride 2 as well. The movie also featured Diane Keaton and George Newbern. It's a must watch movie for every father of the bride.

Father of The Bride Soundtrack


A Message From A Bride's Father

I wanted to let you all know how helpful the advice and examples you feature on your website were in helping me formulate a successful Father of the Bride Speech for my daughter's wedding last night.

Parts of my speech have been quoted by attendees several times since I gave it. I never hesitate to credit your website. You've done high service for many and, again, I thank you!

I have to do it again for my younger daughter next May and I'm sure that, once again, I'll find the inspiration and guidance I need to do it all over. I think the thing most helpful to me was the inspiration I found on the site to go into the event with the right attitude and candor.

My older daughter is preparing a speech for her sister based on concepts presented on your website. It's nice to be mindful of the importance of a thoughtful speech. I've been to many weddings over the years and have rarely heard anything memorable, if anything at all, spoken in recognition of the event. Thanks to you, our events are different.

I thank you and warmly applaud your efforts!

Best Regards,

John Conway
Kansas City , Missouri
10/4/2010 - John manages this Vietnam history web site and has for about ten years

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A Few More Topics and Ideas on Father of the Bride Speeches

The day on which the daughter gets married to the man he loves is not only a huge day for her but also for her parents. Here are some suggestions for father of the bride topics, themes, and public speaking speech ideas. These tips and ideas on topics related to father of the bride speeches include thanking your wife for her insights, what to say during your speech, toasts, thanks and best wishes to the happy couple.

Father of the Bride Speeches - Greeting and Best Wishes

  • Not everyone will know who you are so start your speech by introducing yourself.
  • Thank all guests for sharing this day with the bride and groom, especially the guests who have travel a long way to be there.
  • Highlight a few beautiful and humorous moments about the bride throughout the years. A few sentence of each will achieve the desired effect.
  • Close your father of the bride speech by wishing everyone a good and happy night or day.

Focus on the Bride - Father Knows Best

  • Use flattering remarks about how the bride looks on her special day.
  • Reflect affectionately and teasingly about the bride's characters, job, hobbies, passions or achievements. Let her (and the guests) know how much you care about her and how proud you are of her. Avoid clichés and rough talk! Always be a gentleman and be kind.
  • Share an amusing story about the bride.
  • Echo her thoughts about marriage when she was young.
  • Share stories about what you and your wife (partner) went through watching her grow up.
  • As the father of the bride it's your right to gentle rib her about the ups and downs about the hopes you have for her. Be kind and gentle and don't mention former boyfriends.
  • Conclude your father of the bride speech by talking directly to her about how proud you are of her and what she has accomplished so far.

The Bridegroom - The Son-in-Law Ribbing

  • Tell amusing anecdotes about your daughter and new son-in-law.
  • Spin the tale of the introduction to the groom for the first time. Share the amusing detail of how you got to know him.
  • Describe your first impressions of your new son-in-law.
  • Share your insights about the surprises, interests and your relationship with your son-in-law.
  • Express your thoughts on what you have learned from him.
  • State amusing and tender sayings how happy he makes your daughter.
  • With amusing tone share his character, hobbies, job, passions and achievements.
  • Welcome your son-in-law's family into yours.
  • Let each family member know how much each can learn from one another and what both families have in common.
  • Conclude your father of the bride speech with a welcome (to the groom) into your family and how much it means to you and yours.

Father of the Bride Speeches - The Special Thanks

  • Thank everyone who helped make the wedding a success.
  • Especially thank the mother of the bride and groom for there generous organizing skill of the wedding.
  • Honor the maids of honor and bridesmaids and their efforts and support of the wedding and your daughter.
  • Don't forget to thank the minister, priest, clergyman and the groom's best man and attendants.
  • Express your gratitude to family and friends that helped with the wedding and reception.
  • Especially state how the flowers, church, town hall, and room made the wedding extra special by their efforts.
  • Use humorous remarks to thank those who make a financial contribution to the wedding.
  • For a wife or partner who is no longer with you say a few words in her stead. Express how happy and wonderful she would be with her daughter on this special day.

Concluding Your Father of the Bride Speech

  • The end of the father of the bride speech always ends with a toast to the happy couple. Use the traditional toast to introduce the bride and groom to the guest. Such as..."Ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses and join me in welcoming the bride and groom...Mr. and Mrs. Toadstool (insert name here).

One final tip on father of the bride speeches : Use your own wedding as a template to how and when to use words of wisdom about marriage and try to remember what your father-in-law said at your wedding that stands out the most. More help on father of the bride speeches

Recommended Guide on Father of the Bride Speech :

Father of the Bride Toasts

A good father of the bride speech is the one that ends with a wonderful father of the bride toast. What could be a more perfect ending to a father of the bride's speech than a touching wedding toast?  To put it in a nutshell, father of the bride toasts are as important as anything you need to take care of in order to make your father of the bride speech successful. Father of the bride toasts could be simple or they could be poetic; but irrespective of the nature of the toast you would want it to be honest and sincere. We believe that wedding toasts are vital for all wedding speeches since everybody would want a perfect ending to his or her speech and from that realization we have pages in this site specially dedicated to father of the wedding toasts.

A sample father of the bride toast could be something like –

"My daughter (Emily) has been a sweet little ray of sunshine in my life since the day she was born and today she is getting married to (Steven). Although I will no longer feel those warm cuddles every day, I want them both to know, that I will be there for them always if they should ever need me. To the happy couple"

Duties and Responsibilities of the Father of the Bride on the Wedding Day

Accorting to the father of the bride etiquette, the bride's father has four primary duties to perform on his daughter's special day. The first, and perhaps most important, is to walk her down the aisle during the wedding ceremony. This traditional gesture symbolizes the Bride's transition from daughter to spouse as she releases the hand of her father and joins hands with the Groom. Following the ceremony, the Father of the Bride is expected to attend the reception and perform his next duties, the first toast of the evening and the Father of the Bride speech. These humorous or heartfelt wedding speeches should highlight the Bride, not embarrass her or her husband. Sometime after the guests have eaten, the dancing will begin. Traditionally, the Bride and Groom dance the first dance together. It is the third duty of the Father of the Bride to also dance with his daughter. He can either cut in near the end of the Bride and Groom's first dance, or he may arrange for a song (there are several father of the bride songs to choose from) that is particularly meaningful to be played. This ‘father daughter dance' is often a very poignant moment for the Bride and her father.

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