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How to Create Funny Maid of Honor Speeches

Does the thought of speaking at your friend's wedding leave you petrified? It could be worse if she has asked you to give one of those funny maid of honor speeches. For most of us the thought of just standing up and speaking is bad enough, but f we have to do comedy as well, we come out in hives!

Who says that all women can do is get emotional? Well, they have seen it- in movies, in wedding speeches, and in many circumstances. Yes, women tend to be emotional in many cases. But women should not be confined with the description- "emotional". Women are funny, too. They can be as hilarious as men only if they chose to. And they could also make you panting for your breath while holding your tummy that has gotten sick because of laughing.

Let's take for example during a wedding day. Maids of honor are usually tasked to deliver a wedding speech for the bride. The usual scenario is- the maid of honor talks, everybody listens and after a few moments, the maid of honor breaks into tears and the bride starts to cry. Well this thing has changed now. A maid of honor can now stand, deliver a funny maid of honor speech and make everyone in the wedding celebration laughing.

Read on to get some great ideas about your maid of honor speech.

Tip 1: When looking for funny material, try to remember funny incidents from your childhood, if you have known the bride a long time, or if not, try and recollect some recent funny incidents.

Tip 2: For funny maid of honor speeches, try to think about some endearing qualities that the bride has. She may be a terrible cook, but constantly trying to cook meals for everyone. Or she may be an awful shopaholic and you can tell the new groom he had better watch out. But don't forget, if she really is a bad shopaholic and in therapy for it, it is best not to mention that at all.

Tip 3: It is good to try to be funny, but remember the bride's sense of humor may be different from yours. If she is sensitive about her big nose, do not at any cost, mention it in your speech. You might think it is funny to say her nose finally led her to Mr. Right, but just imagine the stony silence you would get if you hurt the bride's feelings.

Tip 4: Keep it light, keep it non-personal, don't mention anyone's bad points or bad habits, and never ever divulge any personal conversations you may have had with anyone. Remember, that friendships can be cemented, or just purely broken if you get it too wrong.

Tip 5: Remember to stand up straight and speak slowly and carefully. There will be a wide age group present from tiny children to elderly relatives. If you are delivering a funny maid of honor speech, then the very last thing you want is for you to deliver your punchline and get silence because people did not hear what you said.

A sentimental speech is always a good idea. You can start from how you met the bride and how you have grown together because she is such a lovely funny person. You can also talk about how she told you about her new husband, or what she has told you she feels about him. You can speak about childhood games and girlish wishes of a Prince Charming to come along, and here he is.

If you give a sweet speech with one or two funny parts and a big ‘aaah' moment, then it will not matter if you have not given a side-splitingly hilarious speech. The bride and groom and all their relatives will love you and you will all bask in a warm glow. The main message is: do not worry. Do your best. Be tactful and diplomatic and you can not go wrong. And don't make your speech too long, short maid of honor speeches that are no longer than four to five minutes should be perfect.

Funny maid of honor speeches are good for ladies who are naturally comical or cheerful. There are many ways to write funny maid of honor speeches. One can write funny maid of honor speeches by telling the story of how the couple fell in love with each other provided the story is funny, or how the maid of honor sees the groom in the beginning. There is no need to look like a comedian when delivering funny maid of honor speeches. A funny story that has something to do with your relationship to the couple may do. Funny maid of honor speeches are best to lighten the mood during the wedding day and make everyone present happy for the couple.

Finally, here's a funny maid of honor speech for you to watch. Or if you are in a hurry you can check these excellent speech resources -


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