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Basics of a Funny Wedding Speech

Funny Wedding Speeches; if you want to make your wedding speech humorous

A funny wedding speech which is truly humorous and witty at the same time is one of the harder wedding speeches. Comedy is not easy and is definitely not anybody’s cup of tea. A funny wedding speech is not about including a joke or two in your speech.

You need to apply your sense of humor to make your speech really funny and interesting. Here are some thoughts that should be able to help to compose some really funny wedding speeches. And with a bit of patience and effort from your part it's not hard to achieve.

You’re all decked out in fancy dresses and tuxedos. The audience’s expectations are high, and now you have to deliver whether you like it or not. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the bridesmaid, best man or father of the bride. Giving a speech or a toast at a wedding can be nerve racking. But, it doesn’t have to be if you follow some basic rules, even if you’re trying to make it funny.

If you want your speech to be a funny wedding speech you still have to start out in similar fashion. First and foremost give thanks to the necessary people. This takes homework throughout the wedding preparations and even during the same wedding reception you’re giving the speech to. Who created lavish wedding cake? Was the bride’s wedding gown made by a relative? “Thank you’s” are always a good way to start, whether it’s a funny wedding speech or not.

Now, when it all boils down, humor, intentional or otherwise, is a big crowd pleaser at weddings. While it is primarily for the benefit of the guests, it will often help you to feel more comfortable standing in front of everyone, especially if you get some hearty laughs, which more often than not you will. Very often, the laughs will come at unexpected moments, which although have the potential to put you off your stride, are very welcome.

Just occasionally, you will be one of those lucky people who find the guests rolling around in hysterics at just about everything and anything you say. It's a thrilling moment and one which subconsciously starts you thinking about a career in public speaking, but more importantly, results in a memorable wedding for everyone.

The best wedding speeches are those that blend humor with sentimental moments. Of course, if it’s too sentimental you’ll have guests crying in their beer and if you have too many jokes it’s not good either. To make your speech humorous a joke or two is fine but if it is composed entirely of jokes simply stop and add in a few serious and sentimental parts to make a well-rounded funny wedding speech. Here are some wedding speech jokes a few of which you may consider to include in your speech.

If you are about to be a best man, please take this piece of advice: Do not under any circumstances tell risqué stories about the groom's past sexual exploits. It may seem hysterically funny to you, but remember that your speech is for the benefit of the happy couple and the guests. The bride and groom will not be happy and the guests will not think you are either clever or funny.

To summarize good funny wedding speeches, start out with some heartfelt “thank you’s,” mix in humor with real life examples for the meat of the speech, and end with a sentiment for the bride and groom. Hopefully the crowd will appreciate what you have just done as much as you.

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While you can always write up and prepare a funny wedding speech for yourself, sometimes it might happen that you just don't manage to get it ready in time for whatever reason you might have. In such cases I suggest that you play it safe and seek professional help. Like you can get some really good ready to use Funny Best Man Speeches here.
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