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Make Your Graduation Speech Remembered For Years To Come

Graduation SpeechNot everyone gets to give a graduation speech, so first off I would like to congratulate you for your accomplishments.  Secondly—let’s get started writing!!  Graduation speeches normally have to meet certain time requirements, plus you must include inspiring words to your class and teachers.  When giving a graduation speech, you will want to allow yourself time to plan, rewrite, and rehearse before the graduation ceremony.



Here are 5 tips to writing a graduation speech :

Tip #1 - Personalize Your Graduation Speech

Many graduation speeches do not turn out very well because the student tries to be too generic and too general.  The key to a graduation speech is to make it personal to your class, make it so it could not be given at any other school.   Include examples of things that your class has done together, or stories with specific teachers or students.  But do not make it too much about yourself, just your group of friends, or just one teacher; include everyone.

Tip #2 - Include specific events in your speech

Talk about events that have happened while you were all in school, including tragedies or special events within the school or your community.  Give examples on how your class was a part of these events or how your class helped assist the needy.  Other events that could be included are students or faculty that have passed or if you won the state championship.

Tip #3 - Be inspiring, include a quote in your graduation speech

Graduation speeches are suppose to be inspiring.  You want to talk about the great things the future is going to hold because of the students in your class and what they plan to accomplish.  You can gather information to see how many students are attending local colleges, large colleges, and how many students are undecided.  This is a great time to include an inspiring quote or message.

Do not be cliché with your quote, try and make it unique.

Tip #4 - Thank your parents and your teachers

Thank all of the parents of students in your class; tell them that they have raised wonderful kids who will do great things for this world.  Thank the teachers as well, after all they provided you with the education and support you needed.  Be sure to include all teachers, but it is okay to reference a few of the class favorites.  This will mean the world to them

Tip #5 - Be appropriate and be considerate

Do not offend anyone, even if they are not there.  This is a time to focus on the great things your class has accomplished and the wonderful things that they have planned.  Try to not poke fun at anyone or complain about a class or teacher.  Be positive and be inspiring.

If you have been chosen to give a speech at graduation, you should feel honored.  The only other speech like this you will give in your lifetime is your wedding speech.  In a way, the two are like opposites.  A graduation speech is for parting, while a wedding speech is for union.  But at the same time, the two are very similar with their inspiring words for succeeding in the future.  Good luck!


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