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Best Man Speech and Groom Speech - Comparison and Writing Techniques

Whether you are the groom or the best man, speech examples are the best way to begin to write your wedding reception speech.  By reading through the speeches you will learn the format of the speech, the tone of the speech, and exactly what is expected from you.

A common misconception is that the best man speech and the groom speech are similar.  In truth—they are very, extremely different.  Of course, the best man speech is supposed to be full of humor, funny stories, and funny wedding comments.

The groom’s speech SHOULD NOT include humor.  The groom’s speech should be a sincere thank you from the bride and groom to the parents, wedding party, and guests.  The groom speech is generally made on behalf of the bride as well, so that is even more of a reason to be formal and sincere.  Plus, these people you are thanking have done so much for you, they deserve it !


Google Chart - Best Man Speech Vs. Groom Speech


This is a scale of how much of what personality should be used in each speech on a scale of one to ten.  The amount of humor is 10 for a best man speech, but a 3 for the groom speech because it should be kept to a minimum-only making fun of the best man.  Therefore, the amount of seriousness is high in a groom speech, and lower in the best man’s speech.  The best man and groom should both show gratitude in their speech, but the groom’s should be higher being that is the purpose of his speech.  Expectantly, the groom speech should be very formal, with a little bit of informal in it; while the best man speech can be informal, but still formal enough for a wedding speech.

Even though the two speeches are quiet different, sample speeches are helpful for both of them.  From reading through good groom speech examples and great best man speech examples, the groom and best man can get a better feel on what to say (or what not to say!).  It will help teach you the format, tone, and style you should be using throughout your speech.

Here is a list of benefits of groom speech and best man speech examples:

  • They can teach you the traditional format of all groom speeches
  • They will educate you on whom to thank during your speech
  • They show you how to show appreciation towards your wife
  • They help you explain your feelings about this perfect day
  • They teach you the perfect way to incorporate jokes into your speech
  • They inspire you with one-liner wedding jokes
  • They will assist you in keep your audience involved and entertained
  • They will give you inspiration for your own creative ideas

With these great benefits from groom and best man speech examples, one can easily write a professional, unforgettable groom or best man speech.  When it comes down to writing the speech, you may even be able to write an inspiring speech in less than twenty to thirty minutes!

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