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Groom Speech Etiquette

It is easy to find father of the bride speeches and best man speeches. There are many helpful resources online, different tips, and guides, to help you prepare your own speech. However, a groom speech is a bit different, and in my opinion, the trickiest of them all. The groom is already under a lot of pressure, and now he has to stand up in front of, not only his own family, but his bride’s family as well. Therefore, going with the wedding etiquette, or groom speech etiquette, is a sure way to ensure the groom to make his groom speech as clear, and personal as he can.

According to the wedding etiquette, the bridegroom must start off his groom speech by welcoming everyone in attendance, and give extra appreciation for those, who have traveled a long way. Thank the father of the bride for walking his daughter down the aisle, and giving you his blessing, to marry her. Next, thank hi for his speech. Then thank the mother of the bride, for, helping to raise such a magnificent individual.

Thank the people who helped with planning the wedding, and also played a role in making this day such a success.

One of the important groom speech etiquette is to express your gratitude to your parents. As their son it is your duty to thank them for bringing you up and helping you be the person  you are today.

Complement your new bride. Tell her how beautiful she looks, and how watching her walk down the aisle, made your heart race. Now you can share a few words on the history between the two of you. Tell your love story, and remind her why she fell in love with you to begin with. Name some qualities about her that you find irresistible. Talk about how she has made you a better person, and what the two of you have accomplished together. This is when you show everyone in attendance how much you love her, and there is no better way, then to tell it loud and proud in front of her family and friends.

Next, talk about the best man, and the bond the two of you share. Memories make for the best speeches, and since, he is your best man. I am certain there have been a few good stories to tell. However, keep away from the drinking, and wilder days, for, this may offend your new bride as well as her family.

Now thank the maid of honor and the bridesmaids, and anyone else who has helped make this day a success. Show your appreciation to everyone who had a hand in this magical day.

You want to avoid certain comments, such as religion, politics, and profane language. Keep your speech appropriate for all ages. Keep the children and older folks in attendance in mind. Be respectful and sincere, and adding humor is okay too, as long as you don’t go too far with it.

Next you want to toast your new bride. Now would be a good time to show some emotion. End the speech with some loving words, on why you picked her out of everyone else in the world. Raise your glass high, and toast your beautiful new bride, and tell her how proud you are to call her your wife.

Simply follow the points discussed in the article and you will take care of the groom speech etiquette perfectly.

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