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Groom Speech at the Rehearsal Dinner

The Groom, the Best Man rehearse their wedding speeches at the rehearsal dinnerSo, it's time for your groom speech at the rehearsal dinner and you don't know what to say...well, you've come to the right spot. We specialize in what to say!

Your rehearsal dinner is for the minister/priest and for you the step through the wedding ceremony so you know what to do on your wedding day. At least that's what is was for, now there's many different traditions. Today's rehearsal dinners are much more relaxed. You still step through the ceremony but the dinner afterward can be a formal affair or a backyard bar-b-que.

The main reason for a rehearsal dinner is so you (as well as the others like the groomsmen or the best man ) don't become overwhelmed on the day of the wedding. It also helps the members of the bridal party arrange things to everyone's satisfaction. Such as the flowers, the music, the pace of the wedding march, etc.

In the old tradition, the groom speech at the rehearsal dinner was to thank the guests, parents, and everyone who help with the wedding plans. Today, it's a little different. At some rehearsal dinners, there are no speeches at all and others have speeches that run all through dinner and into dessert. It depends on your traditions and the type of rehearsal dinner you plan on having. Nevertheless it's a pretty good idea to use the rehearsal dinner as the testing ground for your wedding speech.

When the rehearsal is over it's time for everyone to relax and have a little fun before the wedding. Everyone is keyed up and in some cases frazzled, so the rehearsal dinner is a time for them to sooth their nerve and settle down a bit. It's also the best time for the groom to give a speech or just offer his heartfelt thanks for all the hard work everyone has done.

The groom's rehearsal dinner speech can be a long formal speech or a quick short speech filled with thanks for everyone involved in the wedding. Of course, it depends on the type of rehearsal dinner you and your fiancé choose to have but it's the best time to honor all those involved in the wedding.

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Grooms Speech at Rehearsal Dinner

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