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Groom Speech Structure - Create Your Groom Speech Following A Groom Speech Structure

The average wedding reception desires the parents of the bride and grooms to deliver a speech for the new couple. The groom, bride, as well as the best man, also deliver a speech. The bride almost always doesn't give a speech since the groom speaks on her behalf as he gives his groom speech. However when both the bride and the bridegroom give their wedding speeches individually it is indeed a very special experience for themselves as well as everybody attending the reception.

This is when they confess their undying love for each other, and make everyone in attendance aware why they are perfect for one another. To witness such an occasion is truly is a mystifying experience.

The bride's speech doesn't contain any certain structure, but groom speeches consist of certain elements. The groom is expected to deliver a carefully thought out and fulfilling speech. Traditions show that the groom's speech should follow this certain groom speech structure.

To start out with, the groom must welcome everyone in attendance, and thank them for showing up, and witnessing this union, especially those who may have traveled a long way.  Next, he must thank the parents of the bride for raising such a beautiful daughter. Following this, he must thank the father of the bride for his speech, and for allowing him to make him his bride, by walking her down the aisle.

Now, the groom needs to share a few tear jerking moments, about him and his new bride. Tell the story of how they met, and how they got to where they are now. Perhaps, they were simply just friends, and their relationship evolved over time. Did she rescue him, or was he her hero? Whatever history, their relationship holds, that needs to be included. Remind the bride, why she fell so hard for you in the first place. This will tug at everyone's heart strings, and make you look good in front of your new in-laws, and more importantly, your new bride. Don't forget to tell her how beautiful she looked walking down the aisle, in her wedding gown, and how you thought your heart was going to stop, just watching her.

Don't forget about your best man. Say a few words about him, and tell everyone in attendance about your relationship. Is he your best friend, or perhaps, your brother? I am certain there are a lot of stories, and good times, the two of you shared, include this as well. Although, be careful, you don't want to include the partying days, or any ex-girlfriends. For, this may offend your new bride and her family.

You should end your groom speech by thanking the bridesmaids for attending, and being a part of this joyous day. Be sure to thank anyone who helped in making this day a success. Show your appreciation, and gratitude to them.

Although, the entire wedding process can be very stressful especially for the groom, you want to give your new bride the day she has dreamt about since she was a little girl. Therefore, speak from your heart, and be yourself. This is your perfect opportunity to showcase your love for her, and nothing could do that more, by telling it out loud for her friends and family to witness.

And that's how you can produce a pretty good speech for yourself following a groom speech structure like the one you have just finished reading or some other that you might come across somewhere else. By the way, if you are interested, here are some comprehensive groom speech ideas for you to try.

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