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Groom Speech UK - How to Write a Groom Speech if you're from the United Kingdom

Congratulations-you are taking the step of getting married! Now you need to concentrate on your groom speech you'll have to give at the wedding reception. Now, this speech is considered your first duty as a new husband, so make a good first impression! A groom speech UK follows a traditional format, so it should be fairly easy for you to write.

By the way, this article is exclusively for the grooms in the United Kingdom and from now on I am simply going to call "groom speech for the groom who is from the United Kingdom" as "groom speech uk". To be more precise this article on wedding speech is for the English bridegroom. We already have articles for the Irish Father of the Bride Speech and soon we are going to have groom speech articles for the Scottish and the Welsh grooms.

The Introduction

Thank your father and father-in-law for his wonderful father of the bride's wedding speech. Then, thank the guests for coming to show their support and for their wedding gifts.

Talk about your wife

 Firstly, compliment your wife in your groom speech. She went through a lot of work today to look her best for you, so make sure you pay special attention to her.

Also, it is a tradition in UK groom speeches to tell about how you and the bride first met. Where did you meet? Was it love at first site, or did develop from hatred? It is okay to add a little humor into the story.

If you wish, it is also common for the groom speeches to include the engagement story. How did you propose? Was it on vacation, on a holiday, in front of the family, or private? Did you do anything especially romantic - don't be afraid to show it off!

Thank her parents

After you are done talking about how wonderful your new wife is, thank her parents for raising her so wonderfully. After all, she wouldn't be who she is today without them.  In the United Kingdom it is a tradition to present the mother of the bride with a small gift that can be something as simple as flower delivery.

Thank your parents

After thanking your wife's parents, you should thank your parents as well. They went through an awful lot of trouble raising you, so give them some credit! If you presented a gift to your mother-in-law, give a gift to your mother as well.

Thank the best man

Now thank and introduce the best man. He will be giving his best man speech next, so let everyone know who he is. Briefly explain how you first met and why you chose him to be your best man. If you want to add a little humor into your groom speech uk, this is the time to do it.

Thank the wedding party

Thank the entire wedding party for being a part of this day and playing such a large role in your and your wife's wedding. If you really want to go overboard, give each of them gifts (or it is also appropriate in the UK to give one to just the best man and Maid of Honor).

Thank others who specifically played a large role in preparing the wedding ceremony or reception

Many people helped in the preparation for today, so single them out and say thank you. Talk to your wife to see if she would like anyone specifically thanked, and thank them on her behalf.

Talk about how you will support the bride

In the Father of the Bride speech, your father-in-law most likely said something about taking good care of his daughter, so this is your time to reassure him you will. Calm his fears by telling him your plans to support the bride.

Look into your future with your bride

In a groom speech UK it is commonly seen where the groom will tell how excited he is about his new life and new marriage. He will often say something like, “I am looking forward to learning with her and growing old with her.”

Give a toast to your new marriage and the whole wedding party

At the end of every groom speech UK a toast is given, it is no different for you. Give a toast to your new marriage, and if you wish the entire wedding party.

So, that's the groom speech uk for you which is pretty much similar to all other groom speeches at the core and the rules to get success with your groom speech, if you happen to be the groom, also remain the same.

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