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Nervous about your big day coming up?  Finished with your vows, but haven’t even given your groom speech a thought until now?  Do not worry.  Writing your groom speech is very easy.  When preparing for your groom speech, watching groom speech videos is a great way to go.  You can learn so much from them, on many different levels. 

You can get the following out of watching groom speech videos:

Watch the beginning closely - Look at how they start off the groom speech.  Write down unique ideas that you liked.  You are going to need an attention getter, and the best way to be different is to be inspired by many different groom speech videos.  Combine two inspirations if you want!

Write down any jokes that went smoothly - The bridegroom speech is supposed to be very formal, but if you see one that works, write it down for sure!  It is good to give your speech a little kick.

Start writing a list - While listening to the groom speech videos, begin your list of people you are going to thank in your speech.  By listening to a wide variety of videos, you can surely make a list of everyone there is to thank, but just in case, go over the list with your wife as well.  She may have someone to add.

Listen to what they include - Other than thanking the important people, what else did they include in their speech?  If you liked it, write it down and include it in yours.  It is great to watch a variety of videos on groom speeches, both good and bad, because this will give you the best idea of what works and what doesn’t!

Top Questions (and answers) after watching groom speech videos:

Who can I make fun of in jokes and who can’t I ?  

For this you need to go by your own relationship with the person.  Do not make fun of your wife or anyone you are not very close to, but do indeed make fun of the best man before you hand the microphone over to him!

Do I have to be so formal and serious during my speech ?

You really should be formal during your speech because you are thanking people for taking the time to help prepare your wedding.  You should be very grateful and appreciative.

Can my wife do this speech instead ?

No.  It is a tradition for the groom to thank everyone on behalf of the bride.  Besides, do you really want to give your wife an opportunity to talk?  The speeches will never end.

What if I do not get along with my in-laws, do I still have to thank them ?

It is you and your wife’s wedding day.  You should suck it up, and they will too.  Let this day be a joy to all, whether they like you or not.  You still need to thank them because they did raise your wife, if it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t have Mrs. Right by your side.

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