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Getting prepared for your Groom Speech

Groom Speech - Wedding Speech by the Groom

Are you getting married soon and you have not written your groom speech yet? Many bridegrooms have trouble writing their groom speeches, but you do not have to be one of them. This article is for all groomsmen who need help writing their wedding speech. It will tell you easy steps that, when followed, will help you write a good speech.

1. When writing your speech you need to have confidence in what you are doing. If you are confident that what you are writing is good, then it will come through in your writing. When you begin your speech you should thank all of your guests for coming to your wedding. You want to keep it simple. Just welcome them and say thank you for coming.

2. You should now thank your parents and then the bride’s parents for everything that they have done for you and your bride. Once you have thanked the parents you should continue by thanking all of those involved in the wedding ceremony and reception. You do not want your speech to sound like a thank you list though, so add in some memories, jokes, quotes, etc. to liven it up.

3. You should now get your bride involved in your speech. Say how lucky you are to have her as your bride. Share some of things that make her special. You should have plenty that you can say to your bride. Just do not hold back on your emotions. The more emotions you put into your speech the more sentimental it will be.

4. You are almost finished giving your speech. You now need to say a few words about the maid of honor and the best man. You should talk about the maid of honor first since you just got done talking about your bride. Once you have said a few words about your maid-of-honor you will want to talk about your best man because his speech is next. You will want to tell some funny stories but then end it with why he is your best man.

Groom speeches can be hard to write and they can cause you a lot of trouble. It is a wedding speech that you will have to give in front of all of your friends and families. While there should not be very much pressure on you because it is your wedding, many still feel pressure. If you follow this article you will have a groom speech that you can give with confidence.

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Here are 10 more free tips on how to write your groom speech

Don't start with the misconception that groom speeches have to be full of clever references, flowery language and gut busting anecdotes. What makes a truly great groom speech is that it comes from your heart. So where do you start? Go through the following free groom speech advices and hopefully you will find the help you need to write and deliver your own speech perfectly.

  1. Soon after you propose, keep a list of amusing, emotional and touching antidotes that happen along the way of planning your wedding. They will come in handy when writing your speech.
  2. When preparing to write your groom speech, write down everything you want to say. It doesn't matter if it's not elegant just get the thoughts down on paper. You can make changes later.
  3. When brainstorming use ideas like fidelity, family, commitment, loyalty, and love as the focus of your speech. List a few stories and people to use as "what's important to you" in a marriage and how those people have influenced you on your views of marriage.
  4. Use an example of a good groom speech. You can model yours on that speech and make changes to fit your personality. There's no harm as long as you don't use it word for word. You can easily customize the sample groom speech with your own stories or anecdotes as well as a few suitable quotes and one liners.
  5. Keep your groom speech to about five minutes. Think of your guest! Five minutes is a long time when listening to someone talk. If you talk to them warmly, sincerely, and briefly, they will be happy.
  6. Try not to read your groom speech like a book review. Use note cards with bulleted topics to remember the points you want to talk about.
  7. Don't forget to list the people you want to thank. Such as the guests, parents, best man, groomsmen, maid of honor and bridesmaids, and of course, don't forget to thank your bride. Be careful about this list otherwise you could be there all night just thanking those who helped with the wedding arrangements. Let your bride thank some of the people in her speech.
  8. Practice, practice, practice! The more you practice your speech the more natural it will sound. You know the saying, "Practice make perfect". More practice mean more confidence you'll feel when giving your groom's speech.
  9. To practice your groom speech go through the speech a couple of times first. Then make sure you remember the main points so that you can use them as cues. You can even write them down on a card and keep it with you while making the speech.
  10. And last, the simplest way to end your groom speech is with a toast. Groom speeches rarely toast more than one person and trying to get all of them in one toast will take a master writer. You can break up the toast to the parents of the bride, the guest and your parents in one sentence if you use your creativity.

Groom speech is believed to be the most formal of all the wedding speeches. It's neither sentimental as the father of the bride speech nor funny as the best man speech. But there's no harm to include a couple of decent jokes which would reflect your sense of humor. But make it absolutely sure that they are of really good taste.

The Order of Wedding Speeches and The Groom Speech

Traditionally the grooms wedding speech comes right after the father of the bride wedding speech and is followed by the best man wedding speech. So, the bridegroom is normally the second person in the list of wedding speakers who intend to give a wedding speech during the wedding reception and he gives his grooms speech just after his father-in-law, the father of the bride, has given his.

The traditional order of wedding speeches is as follows -

  1. The Father of the Bride Speech
  2. The Groom Speech
  3. The Best Man Speech
  4. The Maid of Honor Speech

However, sometimes there are a few others like the father of the groom or the mother of the bride who also might also want to say a word or two about their son and daughter and their marriage in particular while giving their respective wedding speeches. In that case the groom speech might just drop to the third spot. It is always advisable for the groom and the bride and their family to discuss it beforehand and decide if they want to follow the traditional order of wedding speeches so that there's no confusion in anybody's mind regarding when he or she is expected to give his or her wedding speech.

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