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Groom Suits - Tips on Choosing The Right Suit To Wear At Your Wedding


Groom SuitsWhen looking for and choosing groom suits it is important to pay attention to the size and shape of the groom and his groomsmen. The tuxedos should fit their body type as best as possible, or should be tailored to do so. Wedding suits of the groomsmen should match, but the groom suit may be different.

Paying attention to the body type of your groom and groomsmen is important when picking groom suits. When shopping for tall/thin men look for jackets such as a single-breasted four button jacket or the classic double-breasted tuxedo. Also make sure the pants and the jacket sleeves are long enough on tall bride's wedding suits. When looking for a groom suit tall and large, or muscular, men go for a shawl collar, cummerbunds for those with larger waists, and a black tuxedo to look slimmer. Sizing around the neck is very important when shopping for a tall, husky man.

Short slim men also have a special type of groom suit they should invest in. Try two or three button jackets with low buttons and a shawl collar. Do not choose a jacket with shoulder pads; instead go with a tuxedo jacket with a natural shoulder line. This will keep you from looking too top heavy. This fit should be monitored so that there is not too much material hanging off of the groom or groomsmen. Finally for short and broad men, go with the single-breasted jacket on their groom suits. Pick the one or two button, low-stance jackets with a shawl collar. Try the jackets with a natural shoulder line as to not look overly bulky. Make sure the jacket and pants fit well, and the button on the jacket does not pull.

Recently bow-ties have become less and less popular, but are still a great staple in the traditional groom suit. Tuxedos are popular, but blazers are also a popular choice while matching a pocket square, tie, belt, or socks. It is a casual look that includes khaki pants and a navy blue blazer. Matching the father of the bride or even the grandfathers of the bride and groom with the rest of the groomsmen is a new trend when picking groom suits. It shows respect for the grandparent, even if they are not included in the formal wedding party. Also trendy is varying the boutonnieres of the groomsmen on their groom suits. Alternate colors or match the boutonnieres of the groomsmen to their coordinating bridesmaid.

As for color or style of the groom suits, that is usually up to the bride and groom. The bride usually comes along to pull everything together as well. The correct color should be chosen for the wedding, though black is traditional. White has become more and more popular over the past few years when shopping for groom suits. Whether you choose black, white, or another popular color, be sure the groom suits fit properly according to their body type and look great on everyone.

So, those are a few points that you need to remember while choosing your groom suit. And if you are having trouble with your groom speech you can try the link given below.

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