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Getting prepared for your Groom's Speech

The groom's speech is usually anticipated, as it comes after being welcomed into a new family by his new father-in-law. A skeleton draft of a groom speech should include thanks, thanks, and more thanks. As the groom, you should include in your speech the following in your grooms speech -

  1. Thanking the Father of the Bride for proposing the toast, hosting the wedding (traditionally), extending his kindness and friendship, welcoming you to his family, and of course, for his daughter.
  2. Thanking the Guests for attending the ceremony, their good wishes, and their wedding gifts.
  3. Thanking the Bride, your Newly Wed Wife for marrying you. With this you may add a bit of nostalgia by talking about how you met, why you love her, and your future together.
  4. Thank Individuals for helping organize and plan the wedding, especially the Bridesmaids who have helped your wife through the day and your of course, the groomsmen and the Best Man.

Things to consider :

  • Your Speech Structure should include an opening paragraph that tells your audience what you are going to talk about. Include your audience by letting them follow along and know where you are in your speech by telling them what you will talk about next.
  • Time yourself. Don’t go over 4 minutes. Pace yourself by rehearsing and timing yourself. Slow down if you’re too fast and cut the unnecessary details of your speech if you talk too slow!
  • Prepare by jotting down Bullet Points, rather than putting your entire grooms speech in a cue card and reading directly. However, if you foresee getting nervous, read from a prepared text. You will be spared; after all, it is your wedding day!

Finally, as always, here’s a word of caution. Please don’t try to begin preparing for grooms speeches the night before your wedding. In that case you will hardly manage any time for it. Get your speech ready at least a fortnight before the wedding day. Groom speeches are comparatively easier than most other wedding speeches but a casual approach could be disastrous. As a groom you don’t want to see your grooms speech screwing up your wedding reception. Do you ?

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