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Figuring How to Write A Father of The Bride Speech

Your little girl has some big news, perhaps the most important news of her life, to share with you. Your baby is getting married! It is news that most parents meet with excitement and happiness, and perhaps just a touch of nostalgia. This is concrete proof that your little girl is now a confident, mature woman. And now the planning for the wedding starts. One of the duties that the father of the bride is typically charged with is preparing a father of the bride speech to deliver during the reception following the wedding. But what do you say during such an important speech or just how to write a father of the bride speech anyway?

You have likely lived a long and full life, and you doubtless have some words of wisdom from your own experiences that you can offer about how to have a happy, healthy marriage. And you know your daughter extremely well, perhaps more so than many of the guests at the wedding. You have watched her transform from a helpless infant, falling in need of your help, to a confident, beautiful woman, ready to embark on one of the most important journeys in life. So use your experiences to your advantage when deciding on how to craft your father of the bride speech.

One of the purposes of a father of the bride speech is to welcome guests to the ceremony and thank people for coming to celebrate the union of your daughter and her new husband. At least several guests have likely traveled a considerable distance to celebrate this event. Thank everyone who helped plan the wedding, and all the members of the wedding party.

Typically, father of the bride speeches will include some information, perhaps a touching or humorous story, about your daughter. What do you remember from your daughter's birth, and the first time you ever saw her? As a young girl, what were her thoughts on marriage and romantic unions growing up? Did she tell you that boys were gross, and that she would never, ever kiss one? Talk about how beautiful she looks today, and how proud of her you are. Let her know how much you value your relationship, and that you're looking forward to this next phase in her life.

In your father of the bride speech, make sure to also talk about your new son in law. When she first met her future husband, what did she tell you about him? That he was "the one"? What impression did he first make on her? How were the two of you first introduced? What were your first impressions about him? What have you learned from him? Share about he makes your daughter happy, and you can't thank him enough for that. You know your daughter very well - is there any advice you would like to give him about being married to her?

Finally, make sure you end your father of the bride speech by toasting the start of their lives together. Let her know how proud of her you are, and how you wish for them a lifetime of happy memories. Urge them to remember this moment during those times that all couples have of stress and upset feelings.

Because your daughter's wedding day will likely be an emotional event for you, make sure you practice your speech several times before the big day. Run your father of the bride speech by several people to get their advice and to see what suggestions they might have. When we are feeling very emotional, it can sometimes cause us to forget things that we would normally remember, like a speech as important as your father of the bride speech! So practice your speech several times, and make sure you have a copy of it if your mind starts to go blank. Give yourself permission to get emotional during your speech - this is a momentous event, both for you and for your daughter and new son in law.

And lastly, make sure you enjoy this very special process! Giving a father of the bride speech is a big honor. And this is a big day, so enjoy it, delight in it, and celebrate in it! Bask in the joy that comes from seeing your daughter in her wedding gown with a radiant smile on her face.

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How to Write a Father of the Bride Speech

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