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How to Write a Groom Speech - 3 Steps to Perfect Groom Speeches

If you are wondering how to write a groom speech let me show you how you can get it done fast and easy. In three steps, you can have your groom speech done and all that's left is practice! Most people think a groom's speech has to have gut-busting anecdotes, embarrassing stories, and clever references. This is a huge misconception.

A good groom's speech comes from the heart and your special feelings. Ya, I know, guys don't like sharing their feelings, but it's the one time in your life you'll be glad you did.

It's not un-cool to use someone's speech; they can give you inspiration for your own groom speech. Just don't use it word for word. Follow the steps below and you'll turn out a great speech.

But first, forget the idea that wedding speeches need to sound like open mike night at the comedy club or that they have to be longer then a minute or two. Remember five minutes of listening to someone talk is a long time for the audience.

And second, don't and I repeat don't read your speech like a manuscript - "it says you need fancy words because you don't know how to talk." Just be yourself and talk as you normal do. . Your wedding is emotional times so use that emotion and speak from the heart, not a piece of paper. Use a few notes to remember what you want to say. Most people are very forgiving at weddings and you only have to worry about the reruns.

3 Steps to a Groom Speech

From the time she says, "I do" you should start taking notes. Since the wedding is months away, keeping notes will help when it comes to writing your groom speech.

Your job as groom is to thank the guests and everybody who helped with the wedding arrangement with special honors to the best man, bridesmaids, maid of honor and the parents of the bride. Share the thanks with your bride so she can thank some of the people without repeating your thanks.

Step One: How To Write A Groom Speech
Make a list and check it twice

List all the people you want to thank! It could be for helping with your wedding, helping with financing, best man, maid of honor, the parents of the bride and your parents and anyone you want to share a special thanks with. Remember you can't mention everyone or you'll be speaking all night. The reception is for the smaller individual thanks with the ushers, ring bearers, etc. Your best man should take care of most of them in his speech.

Step Two: How To Write A Groom Speech
Important values in marriage.

List some items that are important to you in marriage such as mutual respect, loyalty, honesty, or sense of humor. Next to each item, write one sentence that explains it. Yes, it's a little bit of work but it will be truly special to your bride. It's okay if some of them are quirky or unusual.

Step Three: How To Write A Groom Speech
Practice, practice, practice!

Practicing your speech will make it sound very natural. And that's what you want! Try this trick 5 minutes before your groom speech. Close your eyes and picture your wedding. Step through the reception with your bride sitting beside you, hearing the laughter, feel the good feeling all around you. Believe me, when you do this you will be relax and give the best groom speech ever.

End your speech with a simple one-sentence toast to your bride, parents (yours and hers) and any other special people you want to include in your toast. Remember, practice makes perfect! The more you practice your groom speech the more natural it will sound.

By the way, if you wish to test some sample groom speeches before you put pen on paper, here's an excellent groom speech resource worth trying.

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