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Maid of Honor Speeches - Tips On How To Write And Give A Great Maid of Honor Speech

Maid of honor speeches are among the most anticipated wedding speeches that are given during a wedding reception. A bridesmaid speech, as the wedding speech form the maid of honor is sometimes called, has to be the loveliest of them all and could be as interesting as best man speeches. However, like all wedding speeches, they are dreaded as the hardest task one would ever need to do. And again, like all speeches, it's very much possible to make a really good maid of honor speech should you be willing to learn and take action. Don't have a clue as to how you should go about the speech? No worries. The Maid of Honor Speech section of Wedding Speech Digest can help you create one easily and quickly. Read on.

Ideas That Will Make A Maid of Honor Speech Shine

Maid of Honor and Other BridemaidsThe maid of honor speech follows after the speech from the best man. When giving a speech as a bridesmaid, you have to understand that you are one of many speeches. Because of this, you certainly do not want your speech to drag on too long.

Maid of honor speeches are meant to be supportive and enthusiastic. While you do not want your speech to drag on too long, you still want to fit in as much as you can. After all, you are the sister of the bride and you want to show her you care.

The most important thing to keep in mind as you right your speech is to speak from your heart. If you are a comedian at heart, there is nothing wrong with throwing in a joke here and there. But make sure the jokes are clean and do not embarrass anyone in particular.

It is essential you write a personal maid of honor speech so it does not sound like you copied something off of the internet. There is nothing wrong with getting ideas from the internet, but create some personal comments or stories as well. This will help show that you care and actually put time into your speech.

As the day arrives, it is perfectly natural to feel a little nervous prior to your speech. If you want, write some key words or key points on note cards to help you follow along as you present your speech. But just remember to take deep breaths and have fun with it. Weddings are joyous occasions and maid of honor speeches are the chance for the sister to show support for the bride.

Time and again the finest of the wedding speeches are those that are funny enough to make the wedding reception crowd laugh along with the wedding couple. An appropriate way to get your maid of honor speech ongoing is simply by sharing with the participating guests some of the sweetest memories that you shared with the bride. Try to remember those great moments when you used to spend a lot of time together in the school, during the holidays or vacations. And it's a good idea to spice up maid of honor wedding speeches a little with some humorous stories linking both of you. Portraying how pleased the bridesmaid is to see her friend getting married and wishing her and his groom a successful married life will definitely put in more emotions to Maid of Honor Speeches.

Maid Of Honor Speech Collection and Help Guide

As far as maid of honor duties and responsibilities are concerned the maid of honor speech will definitely feature among the top priorities in your maid of honor checklist. While you and you friend (or sister) together explore David’s Bridal collections for dresses and other bridal accessories and gifts make sure that you also have time to prepare for your speech. Just try to keep your maid or matron of honor speech short and simple. As the audience love to get entertained, you would obviously want your speech to be funny. But keep it in mind that like best man speeches or any other wedding speech for that matter, you need to prepare well for funny or humorous maid of honor speeches.

You can easily make your maid of honor speech interesting by including wedding poems, love quotes and marriage quotes in your speech. You may have already discovered that there is no shortage of information and resources on free maid of honor speeches. But the problem is they are scattered and often incomplete. So, if you are in a hurry you may want to seek professional help and won’t mind to spend a little if that’s going to help you. It makes it possible for you to not only to get several maid of honor speech ideas but also get your hands on a bunch of actual sample maid of honor speeches. These maid of honor speech examples take care of every detail and are written accordingly. No matter if you are the best friend or sister of the bride, there’s a speech for all. Your friend (sister/cousin) is tying the knot and it’s your duty to make everything perfect for her and your maid of honor speech is no exception.

So, you see that's it's not that difficult to give a wonderful maid of honor speech once you are fully prepared for it and still if you think that you want somebody else to do the brainstorming of your speech, here is the best guide on how to write Maid of Honor Speeches and Wedding Toasts. I recommend only top notch stuffs, you can try it with confidence.

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Words of Advice From A Real Maid of Honor - "How I Prepared For My Maid Of Honor Speech"

Maid of Honor SpeechesWhen Michelle first gave me the good news, I was ecstatic. I have known her since grade school, and seeing how happy she is, makes me happy as well. Being her maid of honor, is just that, an honor, and I couldn't feel more privileged to share this day with her. However, this is one concern I have about the wedding day, and that is the maid of honor speech.

I am not an outspoken person, and have a tendency to tense up, when in front of a large group of people. Therefore, the idea of delivering my maid of honor speech in front of such a large audience has got me very nervous. However, I also know how important the deliverance of a great speech, is to my very best friend.

Keeping Michelle's expectations of my maid of honor speech in mind. I will just simply have to relax, and take deeps breaths while delivering my speech. Next, I must prepare myself, for what to include in my maid of honor speech.

First, I want to thank everyone for their pervious speeches, plus all the guests for attending. Following this, I want to make sure the groom is aware of just how lucky he is to have a woman like Michelle in his life. Plus, he is a good man, a hard worker, and I know will be a very loyal husband. Therefore, I want the audience to know it as well, for, there may be people attending that don't know him, as well as I do, and I want to make sure they know just how wonderful the two of them are together.

Now, it's Michelle's turn. When I look back on the years of friendship, I am instantly brought to tears, for, she has given me a lifetime of memories. However, I know this day is about the two of them, and I will not hog the spotlight. I will keep my speech down to a five minute maximum, but ensure my best friend knows how special our relationship is to me. It is extremely important to me, to give her that maid of honor speech that she is hoping for. I want her to be able to look back on this day, and remember just how heartfelt, and meaningful my maid of honor speech was.

I will conclude my speech with a nice toast to the new bride and groom. I am going to stand up straight and raise my glass high in the air, and ask everyone to join me. Next, I will purpose a toast to the happy couple, and give them my best wishes for a long and glorious future together.

If you are also struggling with your own maid of honor speech then perhaps this article has helped you. Just remember to take deep breaths. And short pauses if you feel yourself being overwhelmed. The most important thing to remember is to just be yourself, anyone can appreciate that.

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Maid of Honor Duties Checklist

In days of old, the term 'maid of honor' was used to refer to an unmarried noblewoman who served as attendant to a princess or queen. Today the term is refers to the chief bridesmaid, the bride's counterpart to the groom's best man, in a wedding party. The maid of honor is typically a close friend, a sister, or relative of the bride, and as such, she serves as both assistant and confidant during a time that is happy but nerve-wracking. As wedding plans are made and wedding festivities consume the attention of the bride, the maid of honor fills an important niche to make the event run smoothly and to make the wedding less stressful for the bride. Although there is no official list of maid of honor duties written in stone, there are several roles that the maid of honor commonly fills. Maid of honor duties vary from wedding to wedding, but typical duties may include the following.

  • Help to plan and prepare for the wedding and reception. - Even if the bride and groom employ a wedding planner, the bride may look to the maid of honor for honest feedback on selections of food, flowers, music, and clothes. As a trusted friend, she may join the bride when she shops for wedding gowns to find the perfect one. The maid of honor may also help with other tasks like choosing the location for the ceremony or addressing invitations.
  • Plan or host a bridal shower or bachelorette party. - In many circles, the maid of honor hosts a special party for the bride, her friends, and well-wishers. The maid of honor may host a sedate bridal shower, a spirited bachelorette party, or even both!
  • Attend, and maybe help with, the rehearsal dinner and other events. - It goes without saying that the maid of honor should attend all wedding events, including the rehearsal dinner. The happy couple and their families may be especially nervous at the rehearsal dinner as the wedding day looms large before them. The maid of honor can help ease the tension by engaging people in conversation.
  • Ensure the bride is as relaxed as possible and organized on her wedding day. - On the big day, the maid of honor makes sure the bride gets to the church or hall on time. She assists the bride with her gown, hair, and makeup. She gives the bride the gift of a calming influence and an uplifting spirit. If she has time, the maid of honor previews the reception hall to make sure that everything is in order.
  • Support the bride during the ceremony. - The maid of honor has busy hands during the ceremony. She holds the bride's bouquet during the exchange of vows. She also has the important job of making sure that the groom's ring is safe and sound until the moment she hands it to the bride to place on the groom's finger during the wedding ceremony.
  • Make a maid of honor speech during the reception or party. - During the reception, the best man may give a toast or speech focused on the groom. In turn, the maid of honor may give a toast focused on the bride. This maid of honor speech is an important duty designed to make the special day even more special. Maid of honor speeches are generally stories of warmth and friendship, often humorous, presented to the couple to wish them love and luck as they embark on their marriage.
  • Provide moral support and friendship. - The most important maid of honor duty of all is to provide moral support before, during, and after the wedding. A shoulder to cry on during hectic wedding planning, a nonjudgmental ear to hear the bride's worries and fears, loving arms to give a reassuring hug, and even a warm and funny maid of honor speech to send the couple on their way with love - all give the bride what she needs from her maid of honor.

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Maid of Honor Checklist

So the Maid of Honor is known for playing a very important role in a wedding as the Bride's right hand woman. The Maid of Honor is similar to a Groom's Best Man, though typically the Maid of Honor has more to accomplish than the Best Man. Some of these important tasks that the Maid of Honor needs to fulfill as the personal assistant of the Bride are:

  • Helping the Bride stay on schedule on the day of her wedding by assisting the Bride with any help that she may need.
  • Holding a cell phone at all times to keep in touch with the family of the Bride and/or the groom in case of an emergency.
  • Carrying a camera to take pictures to keep as memories for both the Maid of Honor and the Bride.
  • Having tampons in a purse just in case that special time of the month decides to show up unexpectedly on the day of the wedding.
  • Making sure her own car is functioning or else any mishaps may cause a delay and put the Bride and Groom behind schedule on their special day.
  • Keeping medicines and/or prescriptions for the Bride in her purse. (Only applies if the Bride is on any medication)
  • Carrying tissue paper in her purse so she can wipe off any sweat on the Bride's face which may occur if it is a hot/warm day or if the Bride is very anxious and/or nervous on her special day.
  • Carrying the Bride's engagement ring, and the Groom's ring.
  • Last and not least, the Maid of Honor must have an appropriate dress for the wedding, must be formal and elegant, but not too much that it'll take away the attention from the Bride.

These are the most important tasks that should be on a Maid of Honor's checklist to ensure that nothing goes wrong the couple's wedding day.

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Maid of Honor Speeches - Final Words

Before I wrap up this maid of honor speech article I would like, in fact, should you allow me, insist you to watch this maid of honor speech video below. It's easily one of the best you would ever hear. And when I say best I mean not only best maid of honor speeches but all wedding speeches put together. The video, unfortunately, is a bit dark but that shouldn't stop you to enjoy this absolutely stunning maid of honor speech from Debbie.

Did you like it? I am sure you did. That's how a maid of honor speech should be given - easy, free flowing, genuine, heartfelt and at the same time funny. I don't know how well she prepared for her maid of honor speech. During the whole length of the speech she sounds so spontaneous that it seems quite apparent that she has a natural flair for public speaking. However, if you aren't sure if you have that flair but still want to pull off a great maid of honor speech like that one, you need to put all your skills together and plan your speech well and prepare accordingly. And if you are serious about it, believe me, you can do it.

Recommendation: The first and last objective of this entire web page is to help you come up with a maid of honor speech that everybody is going to love. While I believe it is very much possible to write a speech of your choice simply by following the ideas and guidelines published here on this site, you might want to try some pre-written maid of honor speeches examples especially if you don't have the time to do all the reading. If you believe that you are going to benefit from unique, precise and targeted speech topics like maid of honor speeches for best friend, maid of honor speeches for big sister / little sister and maid of honor speeches for cousin and so on, I suggest you try the collection you can learn more about by clicking the banner image below.

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