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Father and the BrideYou've tried to pretend that this day would never come, but your little girl is finally getting married. After months of planning, the day all too quickly comes that you walk her down the aisle as she begins a new chapter in her life. After a beautiful ceremony the wedding reception begins and with it a host of toasts. There are a few ways to tackle these kinds of father of the bride speeches or father of the bride toasts. You can wing it 'like a lame duck' and give some sweaty-palmed, cliche infused excuse for a speech, or you can be the man with the father of the bride speech plan.

Every year in the United States about 2.3 million people get hitched, that's more than 6,000 weddings a day, and ... that's right, thousands of father of the bride speeches. You don't have to be a great orator or even a comedian, but you do need to be prepared. You need to consider your audience, brainstorm, write a script, and finally practice, practice, practice.

Steps To Create Your Father of The Bride Speech

First, you need to identify your audience. There is a wide array of people at most weddings. Both the bride and groom's family and friends will be present, and it's unlikely that you will know what each of their specific tastes are. What you consider to be humorous might start World War III with your daughter's new in-laws or make you look like an uneducated knuckle-dragging Neanderthal. Surely this is not the impression men want to create when giving father of the bride speeches. Of course you can't please everyone so it is wise to choose a few 'key players' to help guide the appropriateness of father of the bride speeches. Your daughter is obviously the first on this list, as you do not want to embarrass her on her big day. Your daughter, wife or significant other, your soon to be son-in-law, and his parents are probably your best bet. Hopefully you already know all about these people, but if you don't know the groom's parents very well you should get to know them before the wedding! This is important information that men need to take with them as they move into the next phase of planning father of the bride speeches.

Brainstorming is the second step in planning father of the bride speeches. To start, grab a piece of paper and a pen to begin writing key points you might want to go over. During this first part of brainstorming write down anything that comes to mind, no matter how ridiculous it may seem at the time. Don't worry about too much about the target audience right now. Men who come up with the best and most creative father of the bride speeches are those who allow their imaginations to run completely wild during the brainstorming process with no fear of writing down even the silliest of ideas. Doodle if you want, write single words, think of values, maybe some quotes, simple jokes, or anything that pops into your mind. Allow your ideas to flow freely and without restriction. After you have covered your sheet of paper in chicken scratch, grab another piece and choose only what you feel are your best ideas to list on the new paper. Look at these ideas and start allowing a mental image of those 'key players' back into your mind.

Eliminate any ideas that you think might be questionable to your audience. Then think about your little girl and her new husband. The best father of the bride speeches have real meaning for the newly wed couple. What do you want to tell them? Remember, they are the most important people at the wedding.

For some fathers their daughter's wedding day can be difficult. If this is the case for you, you really need to try to come to terms with the changing situation in your family. You don't want to be the guy that brings everyone else around him down, especially at his own daughter's wedding. When giving father of the bride speeches, keep it light-hearted. There is a certain amount of seriousness involved, but it should not be sadness. This will be the happiest day of your daughter's life, and she needs your moral and emotional support. If you decide to tell any jokes, it's best to keep them clean and brief. Unless you are literally a standup comedian, do not try to act like one.

Now that you have some good ideas that are acceptable to your audience, speak directly to the newly wedded couple, and are generally light-hearted in nature, you are ready to being writing a script. I strongly encourage you to read your script out loud as you write it, this will help you determine if it sounds good and flows well. The most important thing to remember here is to be yourself. If you're not a poet, don't try to become one now. If you're not a great public speaker, you might want to make your script a little shorter. Either way, father of the bride speeches are not sermons, keep them simple. Although it may be tempting for some men to hog the spotlight when giving father of the bride speeches just remember this, no one is there to see you. A simple example format for father of the bride speeches might be to start with a humorous and not overly embarrassing anecdote about your daughter or, if you have known him for quite some time, your new son-in-law. Then you might want to say those few things that you feel are most important before finishing with a congratulations and best wishes. I strongly advise you to use your wife or significant other as a sounding board for your script when it is finished. Having a second person's point of view when writing father of the bride speeches is tantamount to success in the end.

The last step in making father of the bride speeches is practice! Lots of it! It's said that the number one greatest fear of most people is public speaking followed closing by the fear of being burned alive. If this sounds like you, you will want to practice even more. You need to rehearse your speech until you can do it in your sleep, which is another good reason to keep it short. Practice in front of a mirror or maybe some friends to perfect it and become more comfortable speaking in front of people. Being well prepared goes along way to making one feel better when speaking to a large group. Also, most men probably don't want too many people, especially their daughters or sons-in-law, to hear their father of the bride speeches so that it will mean more when they hear it for the first time on the day of the wedding. So, pay attention to where you are and who is listening when you practice father of the bride speeches.

Any man can come up with great and memorable father of the bride speeches if he just takes the time to plan by considering his audience, brainstorming, writing a script, and practicing a lot!

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