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Use Marriage Quotes in Your Wedding Speech to Make it Even Better

Whether you are searching for marriage quotes to include on your wedding invitations or simply needing some for scrapbooking, marriage quotes are easy to find! There are very many sweet, romantic marriage quotes, along with funny marriage quotes. No matter what type of wedding quote you are looking for, you can find it on the internet!

I understand that there are many different uses for marriage quotes and wedding quotes, but the most common use is for weddings and wedding receptions. Marriage quotes are used on save the dates, invitations, programs, thank you cards, or even love quotes can be included in the wedding vows. At the reception many people will make use of marriage and love quotes in the wedding speeches, and marriage jokes and wife and husband jokes may be included in the best man wedding speech.

Other than the wedding ceremony and wedding reception, marriage quotes have their uses. Marriage quotes or love quotes can often be used in scrapbooking or for decorations around the house. Some people will even paint them on to their walls. Family quotes are often common for these items as well.

Love quotes and quotes about marriage can also be used uniquely in a proposal. During the proposal you must be sweet and loving, what better way to add to it then a love or marriage quote? Love quotes are also very useful for couples who are not yet thinking of marriage. They are extremely popular on Valentine's Day and can even be useful on first dates or in love poems or love letters.

If you have a significant other of any kind in your life, I am sure you can make use of marriage quotes, or at least love quotes. A simple little thoughtful, lovely quote can make them smile.

Simply slip them a note with a love quote on it and sign your name.


“I will love you my whole life. You and no other. Love. ”
~ [ Your Name ]


Or put it in their car before they go off to work (if it is winter, start it for them!). You can also place marriage or love quotes in cards for your significant other.

I caution you when trying to look up the perfect marriage quote for a sweet occasion. Marriage quotes you find on the internet may be more sarcastic than lovey dovey. If you are looking to be sweet, I suggest not wasting your time with marriage or wedding quotes go straight to the love quotes. These are guaranteed to be sweet. If you were to ask my opinion, the best love quotes are found in romantic movies.

Wedding quotes, love quotes, marriage quotes, wife quotes, wedding quotes, funny quotes, jokes about marriage or wives—It is all on the internet! A wide variety of resources supply us with great marriage quotes, it is almost limitless. Happy Marriage and Love quote shopping!!


Marriage Quote from a Movie

We took our time [preparing for marriage], we looked forward to it; didn’t
want to run into something and have nothing to count on but love...”
~ Aunt May in the movie Spiderman 3

A Funny Marriage Quote

“I came from a big family. As a matter of fact, I never got to sleep alone until I was married.” ~ Lewis Grizzard

A Wise Marriage Quote

Only choose in marriage a man whom you would choose as a friend if he were a woman. ~ Joseph Joubert


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