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Master of Ceremonies and Wedding Speeches

You should be thrilled, if a friend or family member, has asked you to be Master of Ceremonies ( also represented as MC or EMCEE ) at their wedding reception. Although, it is a huge responsibility. The MC is responsible for ensuring the events that transpire on this day is done in an orderly fashion.

The Master of Ceremonies, does a lot of standing up in front of the guests, and makes a lot of announcements. They are in charge of the wedding speech orders and announcements.

The Wedding Master of Ceremonies' duties, involves, making sure all the guests are seated at the proper table, and introducing the bridal couple to the audience, as they make their entrance. Then announcing the speaking parties one at a time., as well as introducing them and their relationship to the newly weds.

Along side of this responsibility comes announcing the serving of the dinner, the cutting of the cake, the tossing of the bouquet, the bridal waltz, and the departure of the bridal couple.

Although, the Master of Ceremonies doesn't make a wedding speech, unless they are the father of the bride, or the best man, the thought of having to stand up in front of such a large crowd, and having to speak publicly, may be intimidating. Therefore, I am going to list some helpful hints that will hopefully, make your Master of Ceremonies experience a little easier.

Having notes, on who is speaking, and in which order is a good idea, and don't forget your reading glasses. You don't want to be stuck, and forget who is speaking when, so notes are a good thing to have, to ensure this doesn't happen to you. Be sure to take long deep breath's, and exhale as you are speaking, to keep you relaxed.

Smile frequently, and glance around the room, as you are speaking. This will give everyone a better opportunity to experience you at your best, and wearing a smile, when speaking will help the guests relax as well.

Try to speak clearly, and in a loud enough voice where everyone in the room can hear you, and understand what you are saying. However, you don't want to shout. Therefore, practicing your tone at the rehearsal would be preferred.

Make eye contact with one person at a time, then move to someone else, to give the entire audience a little piece of your attention. This will make everyone in attendance feel like they are also being engaged.

When introducing someone, keep the introduction short and sweet. Introduce them briefly, and then give them their opportunity to speak.

Be sure not to offend or embarrass anyone. If you are using jokes, then keep your material appropriate for all ages.

Speak naturally, that way all the guests can understand the point you are trying to get across.

Have confidence, look confident, for, if you do not look, or feel confident, then the audience will pick up on this, and your announcements may come across as robotic.

Remember, nerves, are a natural feeling, and it's alright to be nervous, the guests can appreciate a little nervousness, but don't let it consume you.

Just plan ahead, and relax, and everything will go smoothly. Read More About EMCEE

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