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Matron of Honor Speeches - Preparing to Give an Awesome Matron of Honor Speech

It is the big day for one of your best friends and they have asked you to be the matron of honor at her wedding. This is a big occasion for her. Hopefully a once in a lifetime occasion, but what some fail to realize, if you are going to be the matron of honor, it will be a big day for you too. You are the one responsible for writing a matron of honor speech to commemorate your best friend. It is very important that heart and effort is put into this speech. Not only writing the speech, but in the delivery as well. You may write the best speech imaginable, but if it is delivered poorly, the points that are intended to be made may be misinterpreted or unheard completely.

Preparation for the speech should be started no later than one month prior to the day of the wedding. There are some required materials when preparing to write your speech viz. a notebook, a pen or pencil and a few note cards.

Once your materials are gathered, start thinking about what style you will be writing the speech. The style should reflect the style of the wedding, as well as your relationship with the bride and groom. If this is a very elegant wedding, you may want to consider not writing your speech with a backyard, redneck wedding style of humor. It may come off as tacky or insulting. If you are at a very informal wedding, you do not want to write your speech in a style that comes off as stuck up or prissy. It should all 'mesh' and represent the bride and groom, while maintaining the feel of the wedding that was planned by the bride.

A comedic interpretation for the speech is always beneficial and it's applies to matron of honor speeches as well. As long as boundaries are not crossed in terms of vulgarity. Be careful, as the family of the bride and groom will likely be present and you do not want to offend them either. Simple one liners and funny memories should do the trick. Sentiments of memories and shared emotions work well too. Projecting emotion in the speech is very important because you are best friends with the bride and you should make it known that you care about her and her soon to be husband. Maybe even include the nature of how you met the bride and how your friendship bloomed. How long you have known her and what makes her such a great friend. Many of the brides attributes not only brought friendship between you and her, but likely brought her to the groom as well. So this topic could be included. Lastly, you will want to include some reservations for the positive points and pleasant memories shared between the bride and groom. Remember, this is to promote their union, not just the friendship between you and her. With proper word choice, you could symbolize the love that they share for each other.

One very important point to consider, when it comes to giving a matron or maid of honor speech, is preparation for the delivery. You will have to battle nerves and if you fail to do so, you may wind up in an embarrassing situation. After your speech is written, practice it. Practice it some more and then again one more time. Practicing your speech is vital to perfect execution. Just like anything else that takes a certain skill set, this will take some practice. Public speaking is a skill acquired naturally by some and acquired through hard work by others. Either way, you will want to make sure you are ready on the day of the wedding. Think about the way you will use body language to accent certain parts of the speech and facial expressions to highlight emotions. You know you are ready to deliver the speech when the routine is like second nature. You wouldn't want to slack on this part, as you may not only embarrass yourself, but the bride or groom as well in their moment.

Now that you are ready, just have fun with it. This is a day to share love and happiness with everyone. Stay calm and act as you would act if it were just you and the bride hanging out. Be careful of word choice, as you may not remember the entire speech verbatim. You wrote this matron of honor speech and now it is time to share it. Help all of the guests who have attended this gathering understand this couple as well as you do.

While the article you just read is for preparing and giving matron of honor speeches, you might also want to check the several maid of honor speeches published on this site. I think that would help to make your speech more complete. And I believe you might also want to have a look at the maid of honor duties and responsibilities that you need to be aware of as the maid of honor.

And if you're already late and need some help quickly you can try this resource - it has some good collections of ready to use maid of honor as well as matron of honor speeches. I am sure you will thank me for referring it.


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