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Year of Mixed Fortune For Wedding Speech Digest

September 25, 2011

Port St. Lucie, FL - For Wedding Speech Digest, one of the leading online publishers of wedding speech materials, the last few months have been some what distinctive with respect to productivity. We are now inside in the last few days of the summer wedding season here in the US and Canada. So far this has been a roller costar year for the organization thanks to the frequent rise and fall of web site traffic since March 2011.

Wedding Speech Digest depends on organic search result traffic for it's sales along with a few other sources. But since Google rolled out the Panda update in March, 2011 the web site is on a roller coaster ride. Fortunately the site did manage to hold it's ranking for some of the major key terms and that's why was somewhat successful to resist massive landslide in ranking.

So, how is the company planning to combat such unwanted consequences in the future? In a recent press release Andy Royce, the spokes person and promotional head of, pointed out some of the strategies the company is seriously considering. He said, "Yes, we suffered a lot from the update but were confident to bounce back as we were assured about the high quality of content we have on our site. There were and probably there are still a few loopholes but we are continuously working to plug those loopholes as quickly and efficiently as possible. The challenge for us is to strike the perfect balance. We need to make the web site more search engine compliant while making it absolutely sure that it remains equally convenient for our readers."

Royce further added, "We are also seriously considering other traffic sources for our wedding speech site and already have short listed a few that we will be testing shortly. I think we have really good stuff for the wedding speakers we will do everything reach out to them."

Though they experienced some hard time during this year, it won't be wise to write off Wedding Speech Digest as everyone in the organization seems to be determined to gain back the lost ground, if any, at the earliest.

Please visit Wedding Speech Digest at for more details.

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Press Releases

Press Release

Wedding Speech Digest Decides To Focus More on Maid of Honor Speeches

April 26, 2011

Port Saint Lucie, Florida - has come forth with their strategies for the approaching wedding season. Until lately Wedding Speech Digest was mostly promoting materials and services linked to the Father of the Bride but the company has finally made a decision to put turn some of the other wedding speeches simultaneously. And it seems that this year they will be focusing mainly on the wedding speech aids and materials meant for the Maid of Honor. The company believes that there is a reasonably good demand for products related to maid of honor speeches online.

Andy Royce, the spokesperson as well as the marketing head of was talking to the press where he pointed out, "Widening our target will undoubtedly allow us to acquire more prospects thereby helping us to create a strong consumer base that aren't restricted to one but the entire range of wedding speeches we offer or are typically delivered during wedding receptions."

Now the big question is if Wedding Speech Digest is going to launch it's own product this year or continue to do what they have been doing until now - promoting products of other companies. When asked if the company is thinking about to create and market it's own merchandise, Royce clearly said, "Though initially we were seriously considering to have our own products related to maid of honor speeches introduced this year, we have eventually shelved the plans for now. This is not a big niche and we need to test more before arriving to a concrete decision. Honestly, as far as maid of honor speech is concerned, we would like to have some more visitors visiting our sites daily. Besides right now our primary goal is to ensure that we can provide help to all sorts of wedding speakers. However, as I already said, the focus will be on maid of honor speeches."

It seems that is working towards the simple plan of focusing on one segment at a time. Now it has to be seen if their strategy works out to be as effective as they might expect it to be and actually help them to continue to grow.

For more information you can visit

Press Release

Wedding Speech Digest Now Has Changed Plans For Their Product On Father Of The Bride Speeches

September 25, 2010

Port St. Lucie, FL - Wedding speech digest, the leading wedding speech portal has postponed the idea of publishing an information product on father of the bride speeches until the end of next year. In an earlier statement, in March 2010, the marketing wing of the company did announce that they are seriously considering a launch of the said father of the bride speech product before the commencement of the summer wedding season in 2011. But now it seems that the company has different ideas.

Andy Rogers, the new Marketing chief of said that, “We have decided to postpone the publication of the product in lieu of a number of factors. We want to make sure that the guide and help materials we are planning for father of the bride speeches are absolutely top notch. And for that we are planning to hire top speech writers. The process is on but I think we need some more time before we are ready to launch the product.”

The company official further explained that, “You need to understand that this information product on father of the bride speeches is definitely going to be a single ebook, neither it’s merely about wedding speeches for the father of the bride. But we want it to be a complete guide to the role a father of the bride has to play during his daughter’s wedding.”

From what he said it is apparent that  is planning to publish a collection of ebooks covering every aspect of what a bride’s father has to worry about during his daughter’s wedding but at the same time it seems that they are in no hurry at all. Most probably they would want to strength their position in the market before they decide on the launching date.

For more information on the topic visit the Father of the Bride speeches section of at

Press Release

Wedding Speech Digest to Market All Types of Wedding Speeches

May 03, 2010

Wedding Speech Digest will put equal emphasis on all wedding speeches to expand customer base

Port Saint Lucie, Florida - has come out with their plans for the upcoming wedding season. Until recently the company was primarily marketing products related to the father of the bride wedding speeches but from now it has decided to put emphasize on the other wedding speeches as well. By other wedding speeches they essentially mean Groom Speech, Best Man Speech, Maid of Honor speech etc.

Any Royce, the marketing head of was addressing a press conference where he said, “Expanding our focus will definitely help us to reach more customers and thus build a solid customer base that are not limited to one but all the wedding speeches that are generally given at a wedding reception.”

For quite some time people attached to the wedding speech industry was speculating if Wedding Speech Digest is going to launch it’s own wedding speech products in 2010 and it once seemed that it was very much on the cards. However, when asked if the company is considering to launch it’s own product before, Royce said, “Not really, at least not this year. But if you can read between the lines there are certain reasons why we have decided to focus on all kinds of wedding speeches rather than concentrating on one or a couple of them. At this point of time our objective is to make sure that we can reach out and serve every wedding speaker out there, especially those who seek help to write their wedding speeches and later on deliver the same at the wedding reception party”

While as a company Wedding Speech Digest is very optimistic, it remains to be seen if the decision of marketing all kinds of wedding speeches actually proves to be beneficial for them. For more information on this press release and everything else, you can visit

Press Release

Wedding Speech Digest To Go Beyond Wedding Speeches

April 07, 2010

Port St. Lucie, FL - Wedding Speech Digest, the ace wedding speech company and owner of the website, will now promote other wedding merchandize along with the wedding speech products that they have been promoting successfully for quite some time now. In a recent development the company has joined hands with a few renowned companies and portals who market variety of wedding related merchandize and services online. According to a company insider, it wasn’t an easy decision to take and it seems that a section of the management was initially opposed to the idea. However, at the end of the day the decision was unanimous.

Andy Royce, the Marketing Manager of the company and the person who is believed to have conceived the idea, in a recent interview said that “Wedding speech digest is and will remain a wedding speech company. We are here to promote products that help people with their wedding speeches and will continue to do that - let’s make it clear again, our main focus would remain on marketing products related to wedding speeches. But at the same time it would be sheer stupidity not to explore the other possible opportunities that website like ours has to offer. We believe that there is a huge potential out there which shouldn’t be overlooked. At least it is definitely something that’s worth testing. And that’s exactly what we are planning to do. In the near future we are going to promote wedding merchandize like wedding favors, wedding gifts, wedding invitation cards and services like wedding planners and rentals etc. We have already got offers from a few vendors and considering them seriously.” 

While everybody at seemed to be very excited and is optimistic about this new development it remains to be seen if this move really helps the company to get more business out of their visitors.

For more information related to this press release please visit

Press Release is considering a series of product launches in 2009

February 11, 2009


Wedding Speech Digest has ambitious plans to come up with multiple product launches in 2009 covering all the major wedding speeches. Wedding speeches have been there since the dawn of time. There are so many speeches that are so forgettable but is coming up with a solution to this problem.

“All it takes is a little preparation and knowing a few tricks of the trade,” said Ameet Royce, CEO and Spokesperson. “The series of products from will provide tips on how you can get through a wedding ceremony and deliver a speech without breaking into sweat.

Wedding speeches are often delivered by the following people: the best man, the father of the bride, the maid of honor, and the groom. reminds these people to inject more personal comments in their speech in order for the wedding guests, especially the bride and the groom to remember the words that were said on the special day.

There is actually an order or a sequence on how these speeches are delivered but one rule remains the same. The words that are delivered must be straight from the speaker’s heart. Sometimes though, it helps to listen because it can be entertaining for the guests if the second speaker picks up from where the first speaker leaves off. There will be a sense of continuity in the speech part of the ceremony and this will prove to be quite interesting for everyone within the vicinity.

You can visit for more information on the series of product that will be launched during 2009.

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