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Which way to go for the rehearsal dinner and speeches -- Traditional or Modern?

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner speechesSo, it's time for the wedding rehearsal dinner. Do you go with the traditional dinner with rehearsal dinner speeches? On the other hand, do you go with the more modern ways for the rehearsal dinner? These days you have many options to choose from for your rehearsal dinner. Many couples are creating new customs and traditions for wedding rehearsal dinners.

Your rehearsal dinner can be a grand formal occasion at a restaurant, a relax backyard barbecue, or a potluck dinner. Your guest list can be all your relatives including the out-of-towner or just the few who are in the wedding. Use your creativity to create your own special wedding rehearsal dinner. The main reason for the dinner is to thank all the people who have helped with the wedding arrangements. You get to choose the type of rehearsal dinner you want.

The traditional wedding rehearsal is the bride and groom's way of rewarding (as well as going through the motions of the wedding) all the people who help them with the wedding details. It's a terrific way of giving a "treat" to the special people in your life. It involves stepping through the wedding, a dinner and rehearsal dinner speeches.

Traditional the father of the bride gets the distinguished role of giving the first welcoming rehearsal dinner speech. This is because the father usually is the one to take on the financial responsible of his daughters wedding. His rehearsal dinner speech sets the mood for the rest of the speeches. Other traditions say the rehearsal dinner responsible is on the grooms' father. Whatever your tradition, whoever throws the rehearsal dinner picks up the cost and gets the honor of the first rehearsal dinner speech.

In today's more modern world, the happy couple may incur the cost of the rehearsal dinner and ask someone other than the father of the bride to make the first speech at the rehearsal dinner. This may include the best man, maid of honor, mother or father of the groom, or any number of persons.

Most wedding rehearsal dinners are for the immediate families, wedding party and their spouses or significant others. It can be an "all-night bash" or a modest, relaxed at-home get together. It's a good opportunity to visit with friends and relatives from out-of-town. Whom you invite is up to you.

The rehearsal dinner speeches can be heartfelt speeches or they can be in the form of a "roast". Roasting or "This is Your Life" the happy couple is becoming more popular but again that decision is up to who throws the rehearsal dinner. More couples are becoming more creative about the ways the rehearsal dinner is thrown.

The rehearsal dinner speeches start soon after the first course and should be humorous, yet heartwarming and sincere. Don't make them too long because they won't be remembered and you don't want to be cut off by any of the other guests. Long boring speeches are as bad as badly written ones.

Today's wedding rehearsal dinner speeches can be given by anyone. The traditional rehearsal dinner is being expanded to create new customs and traditions for weddings. Whether you want a sit-down fancy dinner, a picnic, a barbeque or a pizza party for a rehearsal dinner and speeches, it's the perfect time to set the tone for all the wedding festivities.

Rehearsal Dinner Speeches offer an excellent opportunity to test and brush up your wedding speech which you are supposed to deliver at the wedding reception party. However it is recommended that you don't reveal the actual wedding speech at the rehearsal dinner. The reason is quite obvious. All wedding speeches should have an element of surprise which make them great and you should always try to save it for the big day. Just consider rehearsal dinner speeches as trailers o the original wedding speeches and prepare accordingly.

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