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Sample Maid of Honor Speeches and how they help to write your own

Are you currently busy trying to come up with a heartfelt maid of honor speech for a close friend or relative’s upcoming wedding? Well, don’t fret here are some sample maid of honor speeches that will hopefully inspire you to get started on your own maid of honor speech. These example wedding speeches are simple enough to customize and often comes bundled with a ‘how to write a maid of speech’ guide.

Wedding speeches give us a wonderful opportunity to share a few words about about the happy couple on the bggest day of their life. The maid of honor has to play a huge role during the wedding and she is also supposed to give a speech. It's not always easy to pull of a great speech but the preparation does become easier with several sample maid of honor speeches that are available online.

Here are a few synopsys of sample maid of honor speeches. Consider it as the first step to create your speech.

If the bride is a very close friend of yours ...
To (name of bride), one of my closest, dearest friends in the world, I am so happy that you have met your perfect match in (insert husband’s name). May you both continue to love, respect, and take care of each other and may your marriage be blessed with lots of happiness. Congratulations and all the best.

If the bride is your sister ...
To my dearest sister (insert sister’s name here), I am truly happy that you have found someone who loves, respects and adores you for the truly wonderful person that you are. As your sister, remember that I will always be here for you no matter what even if we’re not living in the same house anymore. May your union last a lifetime and be blessed by God. And to (groom’s name), welcome to the family. Congratulations!

If both the bride and groom are your close friends ...
To (groom and bride’s names), of all the years I’ve known the two of you, it’s been evident that you would end up together. The love that you share truly is a blessing and how you both work hard in maintaining it truly serves as an inspiration for us all. May your marriage be blessed with lots of children, and I’m more than willing to be their godmother. Cheers!

If you are the groom’s sister ...
To my brother (insert brother’s name here) and to his lovely wife (insert her name here), I’m so happy that the two of you have finally maid your union official. As your sister, all I want is the best for you and I think you’ve found that – and more through (insert her name here). And to (insert her name here), thank you for making my brother so happy and I am truly honored and blessed to now have you as my sister as well. Congratulations!

So, those are some simple maid of honor speech examples for you. The purpose of studying sample maid of honor speeches is only to give yourself a first hand idea on how to write a maid of honor speech. You can get full version of those samples by clicking the resource displayed below.


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