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Short Groom Speeches - Why A Short Groom Speech Is A Good Idea

Short groom speeches are always a very good idea. While groom speeches are an important part of any wedding ceremony, there is a limit to the attention span of the audience. They are interested in what you have to say, but frankly, they, like you, have heard it all before, and while you are still in the mush-faced part of your lasting love commitment, they are there to enjoy the moment, not to wish that you would 'get a room' already. Keeping the groom speech short will ensure that you convey your love, without overdoing it. Sometimes keeping it short and simple is best; less is more.

Typically groom speeches are formal than any other wedding speech. But that shouldn't stop you to make it humorous. You don't have to copy funny jokes for that, simply rely on your own sense of humor.

There are several key items that should be included in your speech, even if it is a short groom speech. You'll want to briefly tell the story of your relationship. This is important because one day your children might be watching these videos. In fact, it is important to keep in mind that you do not want to say or share anything that might embarrass you later.

Share how you and your bride met, whatever the circumstances. You will want to include the date and time. It may be a cute meeting, or just a dull day-to-day occurrence. Regardless, it is part of your history, and signifies the beginning, whether you met in school, while buying fast food on a lunch break, or rear-ended her car. Share the circumstances. Should I need to remind that whatever you say, keep it short and sweet.

You will also want to share whether it was love at first sight. Be honest. It is just as important and meaningful to share if your relationship grew over time rather than knowing right away. If you, or she, were in another relationship when you met, If you, or she, were in another relationship when you met, you may note that, but be careful, you do not want to hurt feelings, or suggest that either of you was doing something less than honorable at the commencement of your relationship. You do not want to taint your relationship in a way that is memorialized for a lifetime.

The next thing you want to share is when you, or she, knew that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together. Did you both come to that conclusion about the same time, or did one of you have to talk the other into it. Again, keep it short. A groom speech should be a short story, leading up to the stunning conclusion.

The conclusion, of course, is why she is the one. What is it about her that makes her special. Why you know that this woman is the person you want to share the rest of your life with; the person you want to.

Sure, she is beautiful and witty and charming and all those other cliché terms. You want your short speech to be unique though, not one which could have been written about any bride, at any wedding. What is it about this particular woman that made her stand out to you in such a way that you knew she was the one?

Share your story. Make her glow. Keep it short but filled with love. Both she, and the rest of the guests at your wedding, will love you forever for it.

The key to make short groom speeches successful is to include only those things that are significant but make sure that they are brief and to the point. Now, the question is ideally how long a short groom speech should be? Well it depends on the speaker. If you are used to giving long descriptive speeches, you might even consider a 15 minute speech as a short speech. Ideally, when talking about wedding speeches, anything less than 10 minutes can be considered as short.

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