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Usually during the wedding reception, the close friends and family members are requested or request to share Short Wedding Speeches to wish the bride and groom a wonderful, prosperous, and long term life with one another. Such a tradition has been going on for centuries that it is already understood by friends and family members that short wedding speeches are expected during the wedding ceremony of their friend or relative who is to be wedded.

The thing is, people find it hard to actually make a good wedding speech despite the simplicity of the task. There are so many things that could be said in a wedding speech that it would take time and effort to actually come up with actual short wedding speeches. So what do some people do? They go for alternatives such as:

1. Downloading sample short wedding speeches off the internet. It may sound like an easy way out of a task, but a lot of people find it easier to do this since it already gives them an idea on what to say and include in their own speeches. By reading through other people's wedding speeches or downloading wedding speech samples, they will be able to know what to include in their speeches. If you are planning on doing this, make sure that you avoid copying and pasting the entire sample into your own speech. Who knows, someone in the audience might be familiar with it after all.

2. Using wedding or love poems. These poems talk about all kinds things regarding love and marriage that it is bound to touch the hearts of everyone. Some of the best love poetry that you can find can be quoted from Shakespeare or other modern poets, so it would be best to browse through books or the internet for beautiful wedding poems to use as your short wedding speeches.

3. Use important details in short wedding speeches such as anecdotes, funny jokes, and short stories about the couple's early years together. The audience will definitely be interested in hearing the love story from another person's point of view. You can tell it through a story or a series of stories that involve trivia or interesting details relating to the couple's love for one another. No matter what angle you will take on in your short wedding speeches, always remember that it is important that you keep the couple as the main focus to avoid embarrassing yourself or making yourself look arrogant and self-centered in front of everyone in the audience.

Wedding speeches don't have to be too brief nor too detailed to be interesting. You can share all kinds of things with the audience relating to the couple such as experience or lessons in life and love in just ten minutes, so never settle for anything simple or put too much effort that people would find it too boring. You can start by thinking of the most memorable experience being the relative or close friend of the couple and jotting it down in a piece of paper. Gather all your ideas and string them together to form short wedding speeches that everyone will enjoy.

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