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Sister Wedding Speech - Tips for A Perfect Sister of The Bride Wedding Speech

Your sister is getting married, and of course, because of your strong bond growing up together, she chose you to be the Maid (or Matron) of Honor.  While you are ecstatic about helping your sister with her big day and standing next to her at the altar, you are scared to death what to say at the reception for your wedding speech.

There is no need to worry, many sisters give wedding speeches that turn out wonderfully, and so will yours.  The trick is with a sister wedding speech, you are required to involve more, after all you did grow up together, and you know her better than anyone!  Plus all your family and friends will be there too! 

A sister of the bride wedding speech must be different than your typical wedding speech. You are held to higher standards by your sister, and the rest of your family.  They expect sob stories and silly stories, and then of course they want to know why you feel your sister perfectly matches up with her husband.  Also, you must offer your support and love to your sister’s marriage.

In order to develop the perfect sister wedding speech you put in much time and effort.

First you must go through old pictures of your childhood and reminisce with your sister.

Sneakishly find out what times are the most meaningful and prevailing in your sister’s mind.  Those are the best stories to use in sister wedding speeches.

Secondly, you must know the ins and outs of your sister’s relationship with her soon-to-be husband

Know what makes your sister go crazy for him and understand your sister’s deep feelings for this man.  Let her talk and allow her to lean on you for support.  The better you know your sister’s feelings, the easier you can describe why they are perfect for each other.

You can even quote something your sister said about him in your wedding speech

Thirdly, spend some time with HIM - maybe with your sister (depending on ages, it may be uncomfortable)

Now here girls have to be extremely careful.  This could start drama or you could become too close, be sure to keep your distance, and maybe take your sister along too.

In this step you want to find out his likes and dislikes, what the two have in common, their goals with one another, and his expectations and personality.  Find out why you approve of him (and make sure you do).

Fourthly, start writing your sister wedding speech

Put everything you learned together.  Include your sister’s favorite memories of you and her, include your sister’s feelings for him, and especially include why you support the couple and where you have developed this faith from.  Let the audience know that these two are going to be forever, and give them specific examples why. 

Your sister of the bride wedding speech should be inspiring and from the heart.  Allow yourself time to reread your speech over and over again, making changes each time to make your wedding speech perfect.

  • When giving the speech, look at the audience and your sister.
  • Don’t fidget or move around a lot, they will not be able to understand you, and you will look silly on camera!

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