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If you're going to go with traditional wedding speeches, then there is a certain order to wedding speeches you have to keep in mind. Historically, the bride's father, the bride and groom, and the best man are the speakers. Although, other's like the bride's sister, and maid of honor are a good choice.

The order of the speeches really isn't important,  as long as they are heart felt, and full of emotion that's all that matters, but just in-case you're still having trouble, I've got a few tips and ideas for you.

Almost always, the bride's father makes the first of the wedding speeches of the evening. The father of the bride is typically the first speaker, to bless the union of the bride and groom. The father of the bride's speech usually contains blessings toward his daughter, for being blessed with such a wonderful daughter, and memories that can never be replaced. Next, he'll continue will thank the guests, for such lovely gifts, and for attending.

The best man typically speaks next. His speech is usually light-hearted and humorous. He usually tells childhood stories, and memorable moments.

Public speaking is a very nerve wracking time for anyone, especially if you are to speak at someone's wedding that is dear to your heart. Practicing is the key, prepare yourself for it, before the day comes. Keep your speech down to no longer than five minutes, that will make you more comfortable about giving your wedding speech. The best way to make your speech, is to address the audience, and make eye contact. Make it more like a conversation than anything, make them feel like they were there. If you're still feeling nervous, just relax and take a deep breath. Take pauses during your speech to emphasize the point you're trying to make. Drink water, be calm, use your hands to make your speech, and to keep from fidgeting. During your speech continue to make eye contact and engage the audience, take deep breath's, and go slowly. If you need a time to collect your thoughts, take it. Have confidence in yourself, and that's all you need. I mean, if you don't believe in yourself then no one is going to believe what you are trying to get across to them.

Try writing what you're feeling down, then practice, practice, practice. Tell their story, what made them stand out. Make everyone in the room, understand why their bond is so special, and why they need to be praised for it. If you're still stuck, then go online, and you'll find amazing ideas, on traditional, as well as other genre's of speeches.

Confidence, practice, preparation, and imagination, the speech you give will definitely. Just remember to show your emotions and engage the audience, and you will indeed deliver one amazing memorable speech. You want the bride and groom to open their wedding album, and see you toasting them, and remember how proud you made them. Do yourself proud, and your loved one's at the same time.


Did You Know - Traditional Wedding Speech Facts
According to the History of Wedding Speeches, earlier only the father of the bride and the groom and on some occasions the groom used to speak about the marriage. There were no such thing called Maid of Honor Speeches or Best Man Speeches. Although there are mentions about the presence of a best man at the wedding ceremony.
In Irish weddings there is a person called the “toast man”. It is the duty of the toast man to welcome all the guests, organize the order of delivery of the wedding speeches and introduce each individual who desires to give his or her wedding speech or toast the couple. The role of the toast man is quite similar to the MC or Master of Ceremonies. The bride and the groom generally decide who they want to be the toast man. Typically it could be the best man; however he could be a close friend or somebody from the family.
Wedding Speech is typical to Christian Weddings. For example, Indian weddings or Islamic weddings don't have a tradition of wedding speeches.

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