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Wedding Anniversary Speeches

Wedding anniversary speeches, are generally funny. Although, the entire speech, doesn't have to be funny, but humorous anniversary speeches are a crowd pleaser. However, you must be careful not to offend anyone.

Humor is a tool, when giving a speech,. To ensure that you have everyone's attention. You want to throw in some sentimental moments as well, but adding humor at different times, during your speech, is a good way to keep everyone on their toes. Just like any public speaking event, the speaker should be the center of attention, and by adding humor every once in a while, that is a good way to make sure that is the outcome. Therefore, the best way to use this tool, is to interject your speech with a few great jokes. For example, every time you mention something emotional, follow it with a few funny statements, this will keep everyone relaxed, and focused on you.

Furthermore, interacting with the audience is another great way to ensure their attention. Make frequent eye contact. Remember this is a toast, not a lecture. You, as the speaker should make everyone feel, like they are family or old friends, which in most cases this will be true. Therefore, look around the room, and not in one spot in particular, you want everyone in attendance to get a personal feel to it, not just one specific individual.

Practicing your speech in front of friends and family is another helpful tool. This will help you perfect your speech, so you can deliver it as well as possible, and avoid any stage fright or fear of speaking.

Keep your speech to a bare minimum, you don't want to bore the guests. So keep it as short and to the point as you can. A good five minute speech, is more than enough time to say a few touching, humorous words, without boring anyone in the process.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind, when preparing for your wedding anniversary speech. By the way, be it a wedding anniversary speech or a wedding speech, preparation is the key to success and you can consider your speech to be successful when the audience finds it engaging.

Think of everyone that is going to be in attendance, and be sure to thank everyone that has come. Then tell a few stories. Talk about how well you know the husband and wife, and how their relationship is so unique. Give all the guests and inside look into their special union, and why this is such a glorious occasion. Now mention how you are feeling on this day. What are your thoughts, about their union, and how they have inspired you? Following this, would be a good time to throw some humor in there. Telling anniversary jokes, or funny stories, would suffice. Now talk about their family. What is their family like, and how have they helped the bride and groom flourish throughout the years? You can also interact with the audience, and ask them questions, to better involve them in your speech. Chances are, the guests are family and friends as well, and will also have some knowledge on the subject, so involving them is a good way to make a long lasting impression.

Now, like you often do while giving wedding speeches, toast the couple and congratulate them for making their marriage such a success.

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