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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Wedding Ceremony Speeches

Wedding ceremony speeches is same as what is commonly known as wedding reception speeches (or simply wedding speeches) and can be equally tough to write, but only if you have no clue as to what you should and should not include. If you have been tasked to write and deliver a speech at someone’s wedding, this article provides you with simple guidelines. Keep reading if you are preparing for your best man speech or any other wedding speeches for that matter.

Do write your own speech. Wedding ceremony speeches given at any wedding reception are special. You have been tasked to write one because you play an important role in the unfolding of the love story of the couple getting married. Thus, it is imperative that you acknowledge this honor bestowed upon you by, first and foremost, avoiding the temptation to use ready-made wedding speeches. These days, you can find a number of wedding templates that you can conveniently purchase online – you can even get some for free. While these wedding templates can make your life easier, they are actually a cause for obvious blunders during your moment. This is because they are not tailor-made to suit the wedding you are going to attend. Every love story is unique, and every wedding deserves honesty from the speeches the couple and the guests are going to hear.

Do set aside adequate time for writing your speech. Wedding ceremony speeches require a certain amount of time in order to come out good. Obviously, if you put off writing your speech at the last moment, it would turn out incoherent, dull or overly excited, and downright poorly written. As soon as you accept the responsibility to say a few words at someone’s wedding, get down to writing your speech without further delay so you can organize your thoughts well.

Do research on the couple’s history. Wedding speeches are a great means to recount wonderful stories about the couple, such as the first time they laid eyes on each other, so do your homework and get your facts right. This is important because even if you are a close friend of the bride or the groom (or both), you may end up mixing up details.

Don’t share socially unacceptable anecdotes. As far as wedding ceremony speeches are concerned, the socially unacceptable anecdotes you have to leave out no matter what are those that include past relationships, huge fights, and embarrassing truths. A wedding is a cause for celebration, not regret, remorse, or humiliation. Thus, refrain from mentioning ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends and other dirty little secrets of the couple. If you do your homework, you can find out which topics are no-no’s, such as that time when the groom had a summer fling with someone else, or when the bride was engaged to another man, or when the couple found out they couldn’t conceive, etc.

Don’t ignore one-half of the couple. Wedding ceremony speeches during the reception are usually assigned equally to members of the entourage. If you belong to the groom’s side, do not leave out the bride when you make your toast. Praise both the groom and the bride, and don’t forget to congratulate both of them and wish them the best of luck on their union at the end of your speech.

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