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Wedding Ceremony - How to Plan for it

Wedding CeremonyCongratulations on getting married!  A marriage is a wonderful union of two loving soles. And a wedding is a celebration of love. We can talk for hours on the topic but now it is time to do some planning!  The best way to plan your wedding ceremony and all other aspect of your wedding is to go to a website like, and register. But for a brief introduction into wedding ceremony planning, I have proposed an outline for you.


Step One - Pick a Date
This is a must in wedding ceremony planning.  You can’t do anything without a date.

Step Two - Begin Imagining your wedding
Decide on the wedding style, wedding colors, and any family traditions you would like to follow.

Step Three -  Discuss the wedding budget
Figure out what you can afford on the entire wedding (including your honeymoon and all).  Then divide the money into different areas, such as: the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception, and the honeymoon.

Step Four - Begin Interviewing Wedding Coordinators
Find a wedding coordinator that meets your needs (and your budget!)  Compare prices and experiences to get the best deal.

Step Five - Finalize your guest list
Make a final list of everyone who you would like to invite to your wedding.  If you are wanting a specific cite, make sure all these people will fit.

Step Six - Choose a Wedding Ceremony Cite
When choosing your wedding ceremony cite, keep in mind that some places may require you to use their officiant.  Also keep in mind your guest list, is this cite big enough?

Step Seven - Start interviewing wedding officiants in your area (if you don’t already have one)
Some wedding ceremony cites do not allow you to choose your own officiant, so keep this in mind before you start interviewing.  During the interview, discuss what will be expected from you, some may require premarital counseling.

Step Eight - Make all necessary appointments
Appointments that need to be made include, but are not limited to:

  • Fitting appointments for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen.
  • Appointment with wedding florists to discuss the flowers at your ceremony.
  • Appointment to discuss your wedding ceremony music. 
  • Appointment to go over wedding stationeries (invitations, envelopes, & thank you letters).

Step Nine - Interview a Wedding Photographer
The best way to find a wedding photographer is by word of mouth.   Ask to see sample wedding ceremony pictures, prices, and if they offer any packages.

Step Ten - 6 months to go!
EVERYTHING should be reserved and planned out at this point.  All contracts should be signed and deposits paid, this way everything is set and stone.

Step Eleven - Send out Save-the-Dates
Once everything is finalized with 4 - 6 months to go, send out save-the-dates to your guests.

Step Twelve - Final Decision Making
All your final decisions should be made.  These decisions include the tuxedos, bridesmaids dresses, ceremony music, ceremony flowers, etc.

Step Thirteen - Wrapping up the Loose Ends of the Wedding Ceremony
Make sure you have everything covered.  You should have your transportation planned to and from the ceremony, you should double check all important documents, you should have made the wedding beauty appointments, finalized all measurements, and your invitations should be picked up.

 Step Fourteen - Send the Invitations!
With three months to go, you should be sending out the invitations.  Plan a bridal party for the Maid of Honor, bridesmaids, and your mom to come over and help fill out all the wedding invitations.

Step Fifteen - Organize Everything!
Write all appointments on a calendar, make lists of all important things, know your vows, write and design your wedding program, and get a wedding ceremony guest book.   To insure things will run smoothly on the big day, finalize and double check everything!

Please note that this article, which now looks more like a checklist, is exclusive to wedding ceremonies and that’s why there’s no mention about the wedding reception or wedding speech that you need to take care of as well. But then again, there’s no shortage of tips, ideas, guidance and samples of wedding speeches in this site - all you need to do is simply navigate to the page you want.

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