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The Beauty of Wedding Poems

In every wedding ceremony or reception, there is always a moment where a guest, a family member, or a very close friend would share to the entire audience and the happy couple a wedding poem. These wedding poems are meant to entertain the guests and to share with them literary pieces that praise and exalt the beauty of true love, faithfulness, and even the sacredness of marriage. There are so many books on wedding poems that those who need to read one or two for the bride and groom can look through the pages and pick out the perfect one to go along with their speech. No matter what the structure or the genre used, wedding poems are beautiful pieces that will not only allow people to appreciate poetry, but to feel the essence and the power of love that brought the bride and groom together as one.

You might be thinking that reading wedding poems out loud can be pretty dragging or boring to some members of the audience, but these poems are actually read along with the final wedding speech, in toasts, as well as blessings for the bride and groom, so it either gives a bang to the party or ends the reception beautifully. It is usually the closest friends and family members who read wedding poems in front of the audiences in dedication to the bride and groom, so if you're either a cousin or the best man, be ready for a request in case they wish for you to speak for them during the reception.

So what kinds of poems are best used for weddings?  If you don't have any idea or aren't familiar with any love poem that would be perfect for the occasion, you can always search for great romantic poets first.  Some of the most famous ones are Shakespeare, Robert Brown, and even Solomon from the Bible.  There are thousands of love poetry that talks about the beauty of eternal love, the love of a man to his woman and vice versa, and appreciating the beauty of such a gift as love.  You are bound to find a poem that will touch the hearts of the happy couple, as well as the rest of the audience, so don't just pick any ordinary love poem if you wish to quote one from a famous romantic poet.

You can also write your own wedding poems if you think originality adds more to the effect that you will make on stage. Writing your own love poems would definitely mean a lot more to the bride and groom than quoting from a poet that uses difficult English; what's more, people will find you an interesting and creative person since the words that you strung together are from your own. Writing love poems isn't all that difficult especially when you have your own special someone in your life; just put in your mind that your goal is to express the happiness of the two through a poem and how love is truly seen through their union together.

And who can recite wedding poems ? Well, anybody who indend to give a weeding speech like the best man or the maid of honors can make their speeches even more heartfelt by including suitable wedding poems in them.

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