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Why use Wedding Quotes in Wedding Speeches

Some people have this notion that wedding speeches are difficult to write. Actually, this only holds true if you don’t have any idea on how to go about writing your speech. The truth is that there are several means with which you can come up with a beautifully written wedding speech, one of which is the use of wedding quotes.

While wedding quotes can certainly liven up any wedding speech and make a wedding reception spirited, they are not to be used without caution. It is important to know how you can use wedding quotes (also referred to as marriage quotes or even marriage ceremony quotes) effectively in order to achieve the effect that you want. You’ve come to the right page because this article shares with you the information you are looking for. And remember that the wedding quotes suitable for the best man wedding speech may not fit into a father of the bride’s speech.

One of the things you need to understand before employing wedding quotes is that such quotes are only accessories of a wedding speech – they are not the entire script. The use of too many wedding quotes can cause your speech to sound automatic, redundant, and thoughtless. Thus, it is imperative that you use only one or two of them throughout your speech so as not to bombard the couple and the wedding guests with a seemingly robotic performance.

There are a variety of wedding quotes or marriage quotes you can find on the Internet. These quotes can be yours for a fee or, in most cases, free of charge. Just surf the worldwide web and you’ll find hundreds upon hundreds of quotes to choose from. You’ll find that the availability of wedding quotes can be a curse instead of a blessing. Out of the countless of quotes out there, which ones should you use? This can be quite confusing and daunting.

To help you on this matter, it is advised that you try to find out as much as you can about the couple and their love story. Every love story is unique, and you can find unique wedding quotes that seem tailor-made or fitting to the love story of the couple you are writing your speech for. You can only narrow down your choices of quotes if you know the history of the couple, including how they met, what adventures they’d gone to, when they really fell in love, how and when the groom proposed, and the like. You can also rely on the couple’s many likes and dislikes.

It is also necessary that you choose wedding quotes that are considered classic. If people were to understand the point you’re driving at, it’s best to use quotes that are generally known by the public, so choose popular quotes that everyone has already heard of. If, however, you’ve set your heart on quotes that are not that famous, make sure to include in your speech where you got such quotes. It is important to always acknowledge ideas that are not yours.

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